Have you gotten engaged recently to your significant other? If marriage is on the cards, then it is certainly an exciting time for you as a couple. After you have decided on the date, it is time to plan a lot of things so that you don’t end up with a schedule you can’t manage. Looking at the wedding invitation ideas has to be one of the most important things for you to decide on.

Having a wedding invitation that is fun and reflects you as a couple is a great idea. Creating a  rustic theme is not hard if you know what to do. As with many other things, going online for ideas can help you come up with something totally unique.


 Why Go Rustic?

  • It Reflects You: The No. 1 reason to do it is that it is a reflection of who you are as a couple. If you like ‘the simple things’, then choosing a rustic wedding invitation can be a wonderful idea. Many couples decided to choose a luxury theme, with gold borders and trims, but if it is not something you like, don’t feel pressured to go in that direction. .

If simplicity is a reflection of your taste, then a rustic invite is just as special.

  • So Many Options: Another reason why a rustic theme may be a bright ideais that there are so many fun options to choose from. Your wedding is a day you would like to look back on for the rest of your life, so choosing from a wide variety of options can be useful. Rustic does not mean a single style. There are a huge variety of choices available for people who require such a design.
  • It is Beautiful: When looking at animated wedding invitation ideas, it is important to choose something dynamic. You want people to feel excited when they see your invite and you want them to look forward to the day. A Rustic theme, has many beautiful design directions that will certainly please you.


 Top 10 Rustic Wedding Invite Ideas

  • Floral Patterns

    If you have decided on online invites, then  a floral theme can be a lovely choice. It is one of the most primary styles of a rustic theme, because it defines nature in its best form. Now you may love wild and big flowers or you may choose to go with smaller, more delicate flowers. In fact, if yours is a rustic style of wedding, then this is a choice that can be perfect for it.

  • Going Green
  • Another fun idea is going green. It is certainly very rustic and you can choose, for example, a design  that is an enchanted forest invitation, to bring in a dash of wonder!. Many couples today are choosing to go all green for sustainability reasons and a great start to the proceedings will be a complete green invite!

  • An Autumnal Style

    Another trending design is an autumnal style. If you are having your wedding during this season, then this style of online invite can be a beautiful option to choose. The season of autumn signifies the start of the festival season in India and it is a gorgeous time. The weather is not too hot, but not too cold.

    Go for an autumnal-style wedding invite, if you wish to be in sync with the season..

  • Festival Theme
  • Another elegant and floral wedding invitations style is the festival theme. Indians love their festivals and they are something that brings people together, no matter the community. Look at your festival calendar to see what inspiration you can draw from.. There are so many fun invites available in this trend that you are certain to fall in love with one of them.

  • Scenic Painting Style

    Another rustic wedding invite style that is very popular is the scenic painting one. This is a style that reflects a rustic way of living the best. Your invite may have a village scene painting on it or it may be a painting of a serene lake setting. It could also represent the location of your ceremony or home. This can add a peaceful vibe to the day and set the tone of your celebrations.

    This is loved by couples who are more into simplistic styles.

  • Go Vintage
  • Do you love yesteryear photographs? Whether it is a photo of well-dressed women in gorgeous saris with their beautiful jewellery,a fashion piece, or even a magazine, a vintage-style invite is very trendy at the moment. It is perfect for couples who want to create an aura around their wedding. Vintage styles are well-loved and today finds many people going back to a previous era for inspiration. You can do the same.

  • Plaid is in Style
  • Another style for modern wedding invitations is to go plaid. Now plaid is something that may not seem ‘’stylish’’ but it is when you get the right people on the job. The plaid pattern is chic and casual and making an invite using it can be unique. You will certainly be one of the very few people with such a wedding invite style!

  • A-Lacy Pattern
  • This is another of the top 10 stylish rustic invites choices available. If you have always loved lace and you want something feminine to boot, then this is a style you are going to love. It is beautiful and creating lacy patterns is easy for an expert online invite maker.

  • A Leafy Affair


    Another lovely and simple rustic style is to go leafy. Choose to have several leafy patterns on your wedding invite to bring that authentic rustic feel. Leaves can be just as beautiful and elegant as a flower invitation. You would be surprised at how many stunning leaf designs are available. 

  • Animated Video
  • Why not choose something that will stun your would-be guests and make them want more? Animated videos that are rustic in style can be the trending design you choose. You can decide to share a collage of your time spent together as a couple and ask the invite maker to use it in a rustic setting.

     Why Choose Online Invites?

    More couples are choosing online invites for the simple reason that it allows them to be more sustainable. With easy modern wedding invitation ideas for online invites are available, it gives you the chance to be more eco-friendly in your approach. Too much paper goes to waste in the name of invitation cards and they do nothing other than go to the landfill.

    Another wonderful reason is that it allows you to be much more creative in your approach! You can have a video made and include the choicest moments from your relationship. You can do anything you want and let people know everything about the event. All this without using a single piece of paper!

    With so many great rustic options to choose from, it can feel difficult to find something you truly like. In such a case, it is best to go with something that reflects you as a couple.

    Always choose the best and more reliable online wedding invite maker you find. This is because when you do so, you receive quality invites that are completely ‘’you’’. At Motion Stamp, make your eco-friendly wedding invitations stand out with a unique invitation that is perfect for your special occasion. We create digital invitations that are unique, customized, and completely delightful!

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