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Happy couple editing on a laptop

How to Make Video Invitations in Canva

If using video in Canva is new to you, there is nothing to fear. It is an easy-to-learn and intuitive tool. Our helpful guide will assist you in editing your invitation video template.
21 marzo 2023
Blue wedding invitation envelope with elegant gold writing on it. The envelope is sitting on a gold tray with flower petals

When To Send Wedding Invitations

When it comes to wedding invitations, timing is everything. You want to give your guests enough time to clear their schedules, but not so much time that they forget all about your big day. So, when should you send out your invitations?
15 enero 2023
Online Wedding RSVP for a phone

Top 5 ways to create an online Wedding RSVP form

We have found 5 easy to use RSVP forms, that require no coding, and can be created easily online. We discuss everything from the website's features to their working and pricing. So you may choose a perfect evite rsvp creating tool for your special day.
31 julio 2022
How to create an event RSVP form online

Cómo crear un formulario RSVP de evento en línea

Google Forms brinda una solución elegante y eficiente para recibir y recopilar información de confirmación de asistencia de todos sus invitados, todo mientras es completamente gratis. Así, incluso los eventos más simples o complejos pueden organizarse bien. Aprende a crear la forma perfecta para tu boda aquí.
07 abril 2022