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• Uniquely Beautiful Motion Invitation
• Created Within 3-5 Days
• Personalized Webpage Option
• Customize Colors & 
• Unlimited Revisions

Order your Online Motion Invitation in minutes

Classic and timeless in style, drawing on traditionalism with a modern edge. This one-minute paperless Wedding Invitation will provide a unique, convinient and elegant way to invite your guests to your special day. This invitation is styled with the theme of understated elegance. A perfect idea for those whose wedding connects with tradition and quality.

All our invitations come with fully customisable text and optional photo. With further customization options for colors, fonts & song choices from our music collection.

You have the flexibility to either
• Download the video for WhatsApp, or other video friendly message services.
• Have Motion Stamp create a personalized webpage to host your invitation,
• Or embed your invitation in your own wedding website builder elsewhere.
Either way, your guests will be able to view instantly in full HD quality on any mobile device or computer.

Upgrade your invitation and have a personalized matching webpage created by Motion Stamp. Allowing you to include information to help organize guests for your big day.

Include map links to your venue, your chosen online RSVP, cash or gift registry, wedding social media pages, we can even include links to your group hotel bookings. 

Simply send your personal URL to your guests for them to launch your mobile optimized webpage. Visit our example invitation webpage below to see how you can create a seamless experience for your friends & family.

Replace the text with your words.


Floral Wedding Invitations

Looking for Elegant Wedding Invitation Ideas?

Elegant and eco friendly wedding invitations are hard to come by. This is why we have created a beautiful floral Wedding invitation collection, with fully customizable text to impress your guests and loved ones. These video invitation templates save you time and money.

Our White Flowers & Gold design is part of our gorgeous Wedding Animated Invitation range. Fully customizable text and traditional graphics, in a easy to order evite template. This is a unique wedding invitation design, offering couples something a little bit different to deliver to their guests. Each Evite design in the range appeals to different tastes. This means everyone can choose an animated wedding invitation that helps set the tone of their celebration.

Timeless in style, drawing on traditionalism with a modern edge. This evite has classic white flowers surrounding by gold trimmings, which contributes to a feel of minimalist elegance. Stunning calligraphy font, creating hints of a black & gold. Perfect for your animated wedding invitation.

How to make an Animated Wedding Invitation Video

It’s easy to create a digital Animated Wedding Invitation card. Once you have chosen your unique wedding invitation theme, fill in your order form, and upload your personal photo, we then start crafting your animated invitation, or Wedding Evite, as it is becoming recognized as.

You’ll see that the order form has useful thumbnail images taken from the animated invitation video. These images will help guide you through the order form, so you are able to refer to each frame in the video as you enter your personal wedding information. If you would like to have a different type of phrase than what has been listed in the example animated invitation template, then simply fill in your preferred words and we will alter the text and its design to make it work for your personal design.

The text written in the animated wedding invitation template is all able to be altered to anything you need.  If the order fields don’t contain an option for your unique details, then there is also a ‘special direction’ box at the base of the order page. This means you are able to convey any special requests or specific changes to animated invitation phrasing and its format. Therefore, your guests will never miss out on all the details they need to know for your special day. Every Animated Wedding Invitation order form offers the option of including your own special photo. Adding to the intimacy and personalization of your Wedding evite.

If you have any trouble with this or are unsure if your information is clear for your animated invitation card, please feel free to contact us. We also have a helpful FAQ guide that gives further details about the animated invitation creation process. 

Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations that make your life easy

Once you have ordered your black and gold wedding invitation, we get to work. Crafting your unique Wedding Invitation, or Wedding Evite, as it is sometimes referred to. Soon a delivery webpage URL will appear in your inbox. This page will contain your floral Wedding Invitation video and you can review it to ensure it is perfect for your guests. Should there be any revisions required, no problem, we update your animated wedding invitation as required to ensure your event details are worded perfectly.

This electronic format truly means you have an eco friendly wedding invitation to send to your guests. No more cards getting lost or ending up in landfill. Your guests simply click on your unique wedding invitation link and enjoy your personalized evite. The link can be delivered in one of many ways, such as email, text, sms, messenger, whatsapp or any format of your choosing.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette & choosing your words

Motion Stamp uses elegant wedding invitation ideas to create the design foundation of our Digital Card templates. We take traditional visual themes and give them a modern twist, to create a unique tone for each Wedding evite. This ensures every couple has an animated invitation that will impress their wedding guests and loved ones.

Our words, and the animated invitation layout, also draws upon traditional invitation phrases. Please visit our wording help page is you need some Wedding Invitation ideas for your phrasing. You can see this tips page here;  Wedding Invitation Etiquette. Otherwise, feel free to chat with us. We have created many unique Wedding invitations for clients and have seen lots of differing invitation phrases for different events and celebrations.

Who created these modern Wedding Invitations

Motion Stamp was conceived by professional Motion Designer Jo D. who has a background in Animated Feature film, television and Digital media. It was created to offer customers a cost effective and eco friendly wedding invitation option to couples, as well as raising the quality and reputation of Evites. Jo’s animated invitation collection came from a love of digital art and visual storytelling. You can read more about us here.

Our animated invitation range have been designed around beautifully composed music, which have been created and recorded by professionals. This means your music and sound quality if perfect for every device and streaming service. Each music track also uses a commercial license. Which means we are able to use the track for your Digital Wedding Invitation Video without any worry.

Personalizing your Floral Wedding Invitations

We host professional Animated Invitation videos online using the services of Vimeo. Who are the world premiere hosting site.  This ensures your oline Wedding Invitation will always be presented and play in the best possible quality. It also means you don’t have think about sending your Evite over email as an attachment, which causes all sorts of headaches. You also don’t need to worry about WhatsApp or your phone texts crushing the quality of your video.

This is a very unique wedding invitation idea. Designed to excite your loved ones and help them feel anticipation in the lead up to your Wedding day. Order now and you will have professional and fast support, who have genuine care about you having the best Animated Wedding Invitation possible. Should you have any  questions please contact us.

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