The word Love is typed on paper using red ink by a traditional typewritter in a serif font

Wedding Ceremonies can be steeped in tradition. How you wish to invite your guests to your special day is a personal choice, especially when we have that invitation in the modern format of a Digital Wedding Invitation.  

We have listed below some Wedding Invitation ideas to assist with phrases, words and etiquette. To help set the tone of your animated invitation and to assist you in including any extra information that may be important for your guests.

Names of the Couple

This will take centre stage. Traditional invitations usually see the Bride's name proceeding the Groom. Formal invitations can also have first, middle and last names appear as well.

Same sex couples can have their names either alphabetically, or which ever way sounds lovely to the ear. Our designs have used first names as it creates greater visual impact. However, there is room to add as many names as you wish. 

The Host

In days gone by, the Bride's parents typically hosted the Wedding. More recently, it has been both parents. However, most couples now host their own wedding. There is no right or wrong here, and the host line on an invitation has become more of a respectful nod to parents, family or loved ones who support the couple in their steps towards marriage. We are able to include any host option you wish, some wording ideas can include

"Together with their Parents"

"Together with their Families"

"With the Blessings of their Family"

"Together with their Loved Ones"

"Together with Mr and Mrs Parent and Ms Parent"

"Together" (as a stand alone word should the couple wish to host independently)


The Request of Attendance

There are so many beautiful phrases to invite your special guests. Some examples that could be used are 

"Invite you to share in their"

"Request the pleasure of your company"

"Invite you to share in the celebration of their"

"Would love you to join us"

"Request the honour of your presence to their"

"Have the honour of announcing their "


Ceremony Description

Different people and cultures will describe their ceremony in different ways, a few examples you could choose from are

"Wedding Celebration"

"Marriage Ceremony"

"Exchanging of vows, or even a Renewing of vows"

"Nuptial Celebrations"


"Union of Marriage"


Date and Time

Generally formal wedding invitations like to spell out times and numbers. This can include the spelling of 'o'clock'. Ofcourse this is all optional and different design styles may not lend themselves to this. Couples who wish to have a more modern or relaxed affair may prefer the option of am or pm for their time, and include numerals. It may also be a good idea to do this if there is already a large amount of text taken in long names and addresses, as it may allow the design to look less cluttered.

Should the Wedding take place in the same year you are inviting people, It will be assumed and writing the year is not necessary. 


The Venue

If only one location is listed then it will be assumed by guests that the reception will take place at the same location or a part of it. Including a name for the venue is important, even if it is at someone's house.

Should the venue be a very large space, such as a large city park, then describing the Venue's address with a distinguishing landmark would be appropriate. Such as the name of the gardens lawn or a pavilion. Check with your venue if they have offical names for their ceremony locations.


Reception Information

Your reception information can be expanded upon here. It will allow guests to understand what will happen after the ceremony and they can plan as needed. If there is a long break between ceremony and reception you may wish to include this as well. Along with a second address for the reception location. If you are providing transport between ceremony and reception, or need to give specific instructions, this can be included at the end of the invitation. Some reception styles or descriptions could include

"Formal Reception to follow"

"Dinner and Dancing to follow"

"Reception Immediately following"

"The Celebration Continues at"

"For Drinks, Dinner and Dancing"


Special Words

It has become popular in many places in the world for couples to include a joyful line that describes the next chapter of their lives together. It is by no means required, but does allow the couple to really personalize their event, or to say something that is very important about who they are and what their wedding represents to them. Some people have their own motto they include, or a line from a special poem or song, a verse from their religion, or get creative and make up their own. 


Dress Code

A dress code for an invitation is completely optional. Traditionally, the more formal the invitation the more formal the dress code. However if you would like a dress code written into the invitation it can be included at the end of the invitation. There are a large number of dress styles to help describe your attire code, in order from the most formal to casual, they could include

"White Tie"

"Black Tie"

"Formal Wear"

"Semi Formal"

"Lounge Suit"

"Cocktail Attire"

"Smart and Casual"


RSVP meaning

RSVP is an abbreviation of the French phrase ‘Repondez, s'il vous plaît’. It translates to ‘Respond, if you please’ or more simply, ‘Respond please.’

Our different animation templates will allow either an individual frame for the RSVP, or ensure it is included in the final invitation end design frame. 


Final Details

In formal invitations there may be a second card that includes special details such as transportation arrangements, gift preferences, travel directions and so on.

For our animated invitation templates you will see this option is available in our final invitation end design frame. Here we can save all the finer details for guests to refer to.

As you are inviting people with an online video invitation, you may have a website address to include which people can visit, rsvp to, or register with for virtual attendance. You may also have a specific dress code to include, or even gift or donation information. Whatever your need, it can be included.