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• Uniquely Beautiful Motion Invitation
• Created Within 3-5 Days
• Personalized Webpage &
Rsvp Option
• Customize Colors,
• Unlimited Revisions

$145.00 AUD

Order your Online Motion Invitation in minutes

Gorgeous Watercolor brush strokes come to life, creating joy and delight for your guests. This Invitation design will provide a unique, easy and stylish way to announce your special day to those important in your lives. A modern handwritten font, is presented with bright and harmonious watercolor designs. This invitation is styled with whimsy and playfulness!

All our invitations come with fully customisable text. Further customization available for colors, font options & song choices from our music collection.

You have the flexibility to either
• Download the video for WhatsApp, or other video friendly message services.
• Have Motion Stamp create a personalized webpage to host your invitation,
• Or embed your invitation in your own wedding website builder elsewhere.
Either way, your guests will be able to view instantly in full HD quality on any mobile device or computer.

Upgrade your invitation and have a personalized matching webpage created by Motion Stamp. Allowing you to include information to help organize guests for your big day.

Include map links to your venue, your chosen online RSVP, cash or gift registry, wedding social media pages, we can even include links to your group hotel bookings. 

Simply send your personal URL to your guests for them to launch your mobile optimized webpage. Visit our example invitation webpage below to see how you can create a seamless experience for your friends & family.

Replace the text with your words.


Evite Save the Date

Looking for Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas?

Announce your Wedding plans with a stunning animated save the date card, a unique and easy way to excite your guests and start the build up towards your to your Marriage celebration.

Our Watercolor evite is part of our modern Wedding Invitations collection. Fully customizable text, classic botanical illustration, and beautiful watercolor brushstrokes, in a convenient animated Save the Date card template. This professional invitation design offers something very different for all of your loved ones and guests. Each evite in the range draws upon different visual styles and emotional feel. Meaning you have many options to choose from.

Joyous imagery, whimsical music, warm colors, textured paper and an elegant calligraphy font make up the celebratory style. Our two youthful circles and painted on colors, take your guest around your Animated Save the Date card, creating an exuberant way to announce the day and details of your Wedding.

How to Make Animated Wedding Invitation Video online?

It's very easy - how to create an animated Save the Date card. Once you have selected your unique Wedding Invitation theme, head to the order form and fill in all your specific event details into the field boxes. You will see thumbnail images from the video evite will be above the boxes to help guide you through the process and make it easier to fill the information in. Don’t worry, if you would prefer to have different text than what is written there, please fill in your preference. All of the text in the animated invitations are completely flexible.  If the fields don’t give you the ability to share all of your plans, there is a ‘special direction’ box at the bottom of the order form. So you can communicate any special requests or unique changes to the text. Should we need to check anything we will email you, and ensure we get your eco friendly wedding invitations looking just right! This means you and your guests get all of your wedding invitation ideas and details communicated clearly.

A soon as your Save the Date animation has been crafted, we will email a private Video link for you to view on your own web page. Should something not be feeling quite right, we can go ahead and revise anything necessary, so your elegant Wedding invitation or Save the date animation is what you were hoping for. Once we have finalised the evite, it is ready for you to send on to your guests as soon as you like.  Your animated invitation can be in the format  of a Save the Date Invitation email, or in one of many online delivery platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS etc. 

Our FAQ page may also help if you have further questions about your Animated Invitation. Otherwise please reach out an contact us. 

Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations that make everyone’s lives easy

These are Eco friendly wedding invitations, and are a clever idea, as they prevent your invitation card from going missing or ending up contributing to landfill. Not only do you have a private and unique wedding invitation webpage to invite your guests, you can also have the option of downloading the animated invitations and you can store them forever, either on a phone, computer or cloud account. It also means you can re-send the evite to your guests at any point, and view them yourself at any time.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette & choosing your words

Motion Stamp’s online delivery platform means these are truly modern wedding invitations, We are inspired by traditional invitation design styles to craft the layout and flow of text for our animated wedding invitation range and Save the Date cards. This is not only the visual style of the evites, but in the format that your words communicated and put into motion. We are here to help, of you are in need of assistance in choosing the right words for your animated invitation. You can also view the wedding invitation etiquette and wording page that we have created, to assist you in composing your wedding invitation ideas. We are always happy to help if you are not sure how to feature any important information in your animated invitations. Motion Stamp wants to make sure your evite covers all the information you need to share, to help your Wedding day runs to plan, and that every couple has something amazing to send to their guests.

Who created these modern Wedding Invitations

Motion Stamp’s animated invitations were created by owner and founder Jo D. Who has a 20 year professional career in the animation, digital graphics and vfx sector. Jo has had the opportunity to work on some great projects over the years. Some of which have gone on to win awards and Oscars. Jo’s focus on motion design, has come about from years of passion for story telling and the moving image, and many long hours of work has gone into creating the Animated Invitation range and the Motion Stamp brand. Visit the About us page to find out more.

All of the animated invitations and Animated Save the Date Cards were designed to professionally composed music. You’ll see the animation ebbs and flows in each video, creating an elegant wedding invitation with graphics and music synced together. The soundtracks have been created by musicians are from all over the planet and all have given their permission for Motion Stamp to use their scores, via a commercial music license. This means no one will have any concerns with copyright issues, and your unique wedding invitation can be delivered online to your guests without any concerns.

Personalizing your Unique Wedding Invitation

Your Animated Save the Date cards will be hosted online with Vimeo. A well regarded and professional hosting site who ensures your modern Wedding Invitation is being played in the best possible quality. Vimeo will ensure your Save the Date Animation Video will remain private, and only those that are sent the evite link to will be able to view your Invitation Video. It will not show up on a search engine or be accessible to the general public. Vimeo also allows downloads from it’s website, and your animated wedding invitation can be saved on a computer or phone. There are a number of resolution sizes to chose from, include HD High Definition. You can also choose a smaller sized animated invitation,  which will take up less room on your phone should you have limited storage. The decision is up to you, why not download all evite resolutions, so you have lots of options for the future.

Motion Stamp ecards are full of unique wedding invitation ideas, beauty and joy.  Your Animated Invitation videos are made to delight your friends and family, all while building anticipation  and excitement in the lead up to your special day. Order today, and your animated wedding invitation will be ready in just a few business days, and have a  professional motion designer working with you to ensure it dazzles!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So pleased with our digital save the date

We are so pleased with our digital / video save the date. The templates available are brill and the personalised end results was so cute. Jo was very quick turning our video around and was happy to make additional edits are we received the first draft. Would highly recommend. Our guests loved the save the date and it is something a little more unique which we loved.

Thank-you Lauren, I'm glad you and your guests loved it! All the best.

Maryam Aghadi
Best card ever!

I got my dream wedding card from this platform. Thaanks

Thank-you Maryam! I'm pleased we created something wonderful for you!