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Create Your Wedding Invitation in a language of your choice

Non-English & Bilingual Wedding Invitations

Motion Stamp has the flexibility to work with multiple languages, so no one from your guest list misses out.

Want to ensure all of your friends and family feel included on your special day? We would love to assist you in delivering your happy news to all of your guests, and work with you in designing an invitation in your preferred language or create a bilingual invitation for guests from different language backgrounds.

Our service can create:
• A single invitation (in 1 language other than English)
• A single bilingual invitation (1 invitation containing 2 different languages)
• Seperate bilingual invitations (2 invitations with a different language in each invitation)

Motion Stamp has had the pleasure of working with clients to create invitations in multiple languages such as
• Spanish
• Portuguese
• French
• German
• Cyrillic
• Arabic
• Indonesian
• Romanian
• Latvian

With this experience we have developed a beautiful collection of fonts that use various alphabet systems, such as Arabic or Cyrillic. As well as an eye for typography design in multiple languages. As English is our first language, we keep communication open with you, to ensure we treat your invitation details correctly.

Gold Flower Illustration with green leaves
Arabic wedding logo

A single invitation in a language other than English

The best way to order your invitation in another language is directly through the order form on the invitation product page. Simply enter your invitation in your language and we will take care of the rest. There are no additional fees for ordering a single invitation in a different language. If your language is in a seperate alphabet system to English, or Latin as it originally derived (Such as Arabic, Cyrillic or Korean) We will email you a number of fonts to choose from and create your invitation from there.

Boho wedding bouquet in blue and ivory
pink and white wedding bouquet with english and arabic text

Bilingual Invitations - Two Languages In One Invitation

Creating one invitation using two languages is wonderful for invitations that do no have a large amount of text. This means you only have to send one invitation to all of your guests, who may also be bilingual speakers. There are no additional fees for 1 invitation containing 2 languages. If you find it easy to fill in all of your invitations details in the order form, this is the fastest way to order. Otherwise, you can contact us and we can arrange the order via email.

Bilingual Invitations - Two Seperate Invitations, each with their own language

By having two seperate invitation in your two languages, you have much more room to include all of your invitation details. Invitations on mobile phones need clear text that hasn't been cluttered or made too small. By having two seperate invitations it is easier for your guests to read, and if most of your guests only speak 1 language, it is an easier way for them to take take in the information. There is a 50% discount on a second invitation in a 2nd language. You can order this second invitation on our order form, under the 'ORDER ADDITIONAL INVITES' heading. It will ask you to tell us the name of the second language, and we will email you to arrange its creation.

We create Bilingual Wedding Invitations to include all of your loved ones


If you have an invitation in a different alphabet system, we have a collection of fonts to choose from. Currently these are in Arabic and Cyrillic. Should you have a language we currently do not have a font collection for, please contact us and we can start a new one for you. Our Latin based fonts can be seen here.

If you have further questions about our songs and how we can include them in your online wedding invitation video, please contact us.