So, you’ve planned your wedding and the big day is finally here! You’ve said the vows, your loved ones have congratulated you, and the photos are about to commence. Suddenly you see some guests looking a little, unsure of what to do. Some of them are from out of town and don’t really know anyone.

A Cocktail hour is the start of the Wedding Reception, and a time where guests may get to mingle for the first time while the bridal party has a photoshoot. Having some pre-planned entertainment or activities, will help guests connect, and create that Wedding festive mood more naturally.

While the guests are being left to their own devices, people, kids in particular, might get bored and restless. You want your wedding to be memorable in a good way so this is why we have prepared 12 great ways to entertain your guests and allow them to get to know each other a little more.


  1. Ring Toss

This traditional yet uniquely styled game is challenging physically and mentally in its own way, as it requires concentration and body control to assess the distance and throw the rings with precision. This fun yet friendly competitive game is enough to keep your guests busy but is still playable in formal attire.


  1. Croquet

Croquet is a gentle sport that involves hitting wooden or plastic balls with a mallet through hoops embedded in a grassy area. It’s the classic game perfectly suited to a wedding. It needs some good co-ordination, but not enough for ladies to take of their heels.  It would help your guests to feel relaxed at the start of your Wedding Cocktail Hour, and give some fun topics of conversation, as they enjoy this laid back sport.


  1. Giant Chess

Most people you ask will most likely know the game of chess. This old and strategic game not only requires a skill of mind, but a skill of patience. A friendly game of giant chess could not only allow your guests to be kept busy, but is could also allow them to bond over a game they enjoy. Not only that, but the giant garden chess pieces are decorative and will add to the magic of the venue. 

Giant Chess in Garden

  1. Shuttlecock

Shuttlecock is yet another traditional game your guests could like to play. It may be tipping to the more active side of things but that will not stop your guests from having a wonderful time with friends, family and possibly people they just met. It is a simple and easy to set up game that your guests will love.


  1. Boules

Are you looking for a game for a classy garden game? As a popular European game boules is becoming more popular around the world. They can have a blast as they roll and hit the boules. This could not only be a way to keep your guests occupied but let them enjoy the wonderful venue.

  Boules being played

  1. Mini Golf

Mini golf. A nice relaxing (or not) game to play with your family and friends. It’s a perfect game to have at your wedding for your guests to do at cocktail hour because it is very social and can be easily played in most attire. Your guests would be overjoyed at the sight of even a small mini golf course and would star up a fun competitive game with their friends, family, or even complete strangers.


  1. Photo Booth

While you and your partner go have photos with the bridal party why should your other guests have to miss out? Why not set up a photo booth for your guests to enjoy as well? They could go in, have someone snap a few pictures and the another person could have a go. It’s a simple yet cute idea that so many of your guests could enjoy. Why not share them online, or on your own wedding webpage after the event?

  Couple pose for Wedding photo

  1. Fortune Teller

Add to the atmosphere and why not let your guests feel a thrill as they step into a dimly lit tent and told their future. Many people believe that marriage is fate, so why not have your guests have a turn. It could create a fun and magical feeling and enhance the wonderful time your guests are having.


  1. Magician

Magic. Something every person wants their wedding to be like. So, why not hire a magician? They are fun and exciting and could only bring entertainment to the guests. Imagine going to your friend’s wedding and seeing an area set up and someone is preforming magic!   It would be a memorable experience as you sit back and enjoy the show.


  1. Group Photographers

Instead of having to hire a professional photographer for your wedding, why not let your guests have the option of taking photos instead. It could be as simple as having a shared device set up, or a group Vimeo account, where people can send videos from their own phones. It would not only cost a lot less but let your guests explore the venue as they take photos of family, friends, or even simply the venue itself. You’ll have the added benefit of seeing your Wedding from a new angle after the fact.


  1. D.I.Y. Cocktails

We are talking Cocktail Hour Entertainment Ideas? So let’s get literal. Instead of having a waiter or waitress come and have your guests order something, you could let your guests experiment at their very own make your own cocktail bar. Your guests would be able to make their favourite cocktail or even find something new! It would be an fun activity to keep your guests busy during cocktail hour.


  1. Origami

A beautiful art, most people you talk to will know some kind of origami. From paper planes to paper swans your guests could thoroughly enjoy this affordable yet fun activity. You could simply place some instructions on a table going from easy to hard. Kids would also greatly benefit from this because origami can be simple but very fun and they could play with there creations afterward.

 Paper crane origami


No matter what your guests decide to do between your ceremony and reception, your friends and family will be highly appreciate the effort you put into making sure they are enjoying themselves and not feeling left out. Cocktail Hour can help set the mood for the celebration, so giving your guests something to bond over is a great way to enhance your event.

It is actually surprisingly easy to set up these cocktail hour entertainment ideas, and for your guests to between them at your reception. Remember this is still your wedding, so you can make it as simple or as extravagant as you want. Everything is up to the two of you, so make sure that no matter what happens, this is your wedding. You can do whatever you like.

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