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Are you having an upcoming wedding, engagement party or special event, and looking to send an invitation that stands out? View our collection of beautiful animated editable video invitations. Perfect for Weddings, Birthdays, Save the Dates, Baby Showers and more. Each template can be edited by you – directly in your free Canva account - making it quick and easy to personalize your invitation. All you need to think about is what details will make your event unique.

Instantly Trial one of our sample invitations for free, and view our canva video tutorial below.

Canva Video Tutorial

Discover the ease of Canva. Dive into our tutorial and learn how to effortlessly edit your design.

How does it work?

A link to your invitation template will be emailed to you instantly, so you can start making your invitations straight away; you won’t have to wait for cumbersome video file transfers, or send us an email with your order number. Plus all our videos are professionally animated, so whatever changes you make are guaranteed to look good.

Many elements of the video can be edited including the text and its fonts, colors, position and size. You can also edit the length of each video clip, or rearrange them as desired. To add extra personality to your message we also include professionally composed music in each template – all of which can be replaced with your own music track if preferred.

Bonus extras

Finally all purchases come with a detailed 'How-to' guide and a free RSVP gift - perfect for taking the stress out of event planning! Choose from our range of stunningly crafted templates and make your invitation one that everyone remembers.

Save time and money

In today's fast-paced, environmentally conscious world, it's a no-brainer to opt for digital eco-friendly video invitations over traditional paper ones. These innovative invitations are not only financially savvy, costing just a fraction of what paper invites do, but also significantly reduce one's carbon footprint by minimizing waste materials that end up in landfills. With our modern online video templates, customizing and preparing your virtual invitations has never been easier -- you can edit and deliver them in a matter of hours, far quicker than sending their paper counterparts through the mail. So, make the smart and sustainable choice, embrace the future and choose digital eco-friendly video invitations for your next event.

Easy to order & edit

Editing the template for your wedding invitation could not be easier. All you need is your own free online Canva account and you are ready to create. Once you purchase a Motion Stamp template for Canva you will receive an email with your instructions and live link to your Canva video template. Meaning you can get started straight away!

Convenient to download and flexible delivery for guests

You can make and then send your video invitation to your guests in a number of ways.

1. Send as a video attachment through a messaging app,
2. Embed your video into your own event webpage, and send the webpage URL to your guests.


WhatsApp, Messenger and online message services are becoming the most popular way to send video invitations. They are quick, easy and convenient for your guests. Once you have created your design, simply download and send to your guests through a video friendly message app of your choice.


Websites for events such as Weddings are becoming increasingly popular. They usually also offer a range of event planning tools, such as online rsvp forms, map links and more. Why not take advantage of free video hosting tools such as Vimeo or You Tube - upload your video to them, and then embed your videos URL into your own website. Website builders commonly support video, why not make your website extra special with video and music. View our helpful guide for creating the best video invitation specifically for WhatsApp.

What other video invitation maker platforms do you have templates for?

We are developing plans to release templates for the brand new platform. Another free online video invitation maker tool that will allow you to easily personlize your own beautiful invitation.

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Our Video Invitation templates makes an easy and convenient way to create stunning, customized invitations for any occasion. With elegant visuals, customizable designs and instant deliver to your email, it's no surprise why so many people love our video invitations.

Our service is transparent and provides the opportunity to ask questions before you make your purchase. Experience the joy of creating beautiful invitations with an Video Invitation Maker and Motion Stamp templates today -- let us help you delight your guests in style!