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Engagement Party

Announce your engagment in style

Delight your guests with a stunning online animation

option to download or have your very own personalized webpage created to host your invitation

A stunning and unique online Engagement Party Invitation

You might still be considering the dress, the color scheme is up in the air, however at least you have finally settled on a date! Now you just need to work out how to spread the word, and let your loved ones know to keep that Special Day aside. 

Our Animated Engagement Party Invitations makes everything easy for you. With fully customizable text, swift creation times, and a fraction of the price of paper invitations, what’s not to love?

Your personal Evite can be viewed with a single click, either by downloading and sending to your guests an an attachemnt, or by choosing the personalized webpage option to keep it all online. Your guest will be impressed any where in the world. Motion Stamps Save the Date animation collection has been crafted to work with mobile streaming technology. So you can bring a little bit of movie magic directly to your guests.

Each theme has a matching unique Wedding Invitation with continuing music and story. So you can keep your guests engaged throughout the lead up to your Wedding day.

Evite Engagement Party Invites

All of our elegant engagement party invitations, contain text which can be changed to suit any of your event details. Should you need to add additional information, we have a ‘extra details’ option in our order form. So your guests never miss out on important details.

If you would like to alter any of the graphics or colors on your animated invitation. No problem, we have a 'Made to Order' service, where can do alterations to our pre-made Engagement, Save the Date animation cards, or even make one from scratch for you. Please contact us to arrange a quote.

Save Time and Money

At a fraction of the price of paper invitations, it makes sense to choose digital eco friendly wedding invitations. Not only do you save money, by avoiding paper and materials that just end up in land fill, we have modern wedding invitations created for you in just 2-4 business days. That is faster than sending a card in the mail.

You will also have the option to download your animated wedding invitation as a keepsake. So it can be stored on any device with all of your special photo memories.

Simple to Order

Ordering one of our modern wedding invitations couldn’t be easier. Once you have chosen your theme, simply enter your event details. There are options to include additional information, and in our animated wedding invitation range, you can also include your own photograph. Should you have any preference on the direction or placement of the text, there is also a ‘special direction’ box where you can communicate your wishes. If ever you are unsure, you cancontact usabout anything before or after you place your order.

Easy to review and deliver to your guests

Our animated Wedding Invitations and Save the Date cards, are conveniently hosted on your own private webpage. This means you don’t have to worry about cumbersome downloads, email limits and video attachment compression. A private image link will be sent to you containing your Save the Date animation card, once you are happy with the result, it can be delivered to your guests as soon as you choose.

Easy services such as email, phone text, messenger or whatsapp are all able to deliver your animated wedding invitation link to your guests. They simply click on the link and immediately enjoy your personalized video invitation, wherever in the world they may be!

Include in your own Website

Wedding event websites are becoming more and more popular. Our animated invitations are designed to be compatible with your personal website. Behind the scenes, our videos are hosted with, and utilise the professional tools of Vimeo, who make it easy to embed your animated wedding invitation into a website. There are a few different ways this can be achieved, your website creation service will be able to assist you with their preferred method, and we can provide you with the embed information upon your animated invitation being created.

Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

Our modern wedding invitations are truly unique, convenient and elegant. Not only in design, but in delivery. If you have any questions about our service please do not hesitate to contact us. We know the you’ll love the end result, and you will have a professional Motion Designer working with you to create a stunning evite for your Wedding guests.