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Motion Stamp is thrilled to present our stunning collection of animated video templates, which are fully customizable and are made by the world-renowned Canva video maker.

Upon purchasing your chosen template, you'll receive an email address with a PDF file that includes a personal link to the Canva template and detailed instructions.

To begin, sign in to your Canva account and click on the link in the PDF. You'll have everything you need to personalize the template right away. While the background graphics and animation remain unchanged, you'll have full control over the following:

• Your text
• Fonts
• Ability to import your own music
• Clip order & length

All our templates are 1920 pixels high and 1080 pixels wide, making them perfect for mobile video.

To send the video invitation to your guests, you can either:

• Download the video for WhatsApp or other video-friendly messaging services.

• Upload to your own video on your event website.
Either way, your guests can view the invitation instantly on any device in full HD quality.

For more impressive self-editing designs, explore our Canva collection. Alternatively, check out our Invitation ranges, where our professional designers will handle everything for you.


Free Evite Invitations

Are you in search of exceptional Free Evite Invitations? Engage your guests with our elegant invitation design, boasting graceful textures reminiscent of delicate floral patterns, serene white tones, and opulent gold accents. This eco-conscious digital invitation radiates sophistication, leaving a lasting impression on your loved ones. Featuring editable text, music, fonts, and timing, it's an ideal choice for any event. Best of all, this serves as a complimentary video template, giving you a sneak peek into our range of invitations available for purchase.

How to Personalize your Free Evite Invitation

Prepare to make an enduring impression on your special day. With our personalized Free Evite Invitation, effortlessly order an invitation that reflects your shared style. Complete our product order form and gain instant access to a downloadable PDF file. Within the file lies a link to the template compatible with Canva. We ensure ease, as all our templates are compatible with Canva's free version. Simply click on the link and gain immediate access to the template, allowing you to start editing right away.

Leverage our Evite invitation template to freely tailor your event details. Should you require assistance, our helpful 'How to' guide accompanies the free template PDF, providing technical tips and design advice to bolster your confidence in editing.

FREE RSVP Evite Gift.

We don't stop at providing a free wedding invitation template; we also offer a complimentary RSVP form for your guests to fill out online. Utilizing Google Forms, an easily customizable form editor, allows you to upload matching images, alter colors and fonts, and edit the template to include any relevant event organizing questions. Can you argue with that?

If you need an alternative method to share your order details or require assistance with the animated invitation template, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Additionally, peruse our FAQ page for valuable insights into customization and delivery!

Environmentally Conscious Free Evite Video Templates

Celebrate your special day with a convenient, eco-friendly wedding invitation that reduces mail loss or minimizes landfill waste. Our paperless templates simplify sending invitations via email, text, SMS, WhatsApp, and more. Allow your loved ones to relish this hassle-free experience without environmental concerns.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette & Crafting Personalized Messages

At our wedding design studio, we specialize in creating exquisite Wedding Card templates merging modern elegance with timeless traditions. Each elegant invitation boasts a unique signature style, personalized for every couple's celebration, transforming into animated invitations that captivate recipients.

Embark on your special day by creating an exceptional wedding invitation. Our Wedding Invitation Etiquette page offers a variety of wording options, ensuring an elegant invitation tailored for any guest list. Whether traditional phrases or personalized messages, we provide comprehensive support to craft the perfect invite for your celebration.

Creators of the Free Evite Invitation Range

Motion Stamp, founded by Jo, a motion designer experienced in animated films and television shows, aims to offer couples an eco-friendly invitation solution. Stemming from Jo's passion for digital artistry and storytelling, the company's collection embodies premium quality, akin to high-end traditional paper invites. Learn more about us here.

Enchant your guests on your special day with the perfect musical accompaniment. Each track in our animated invitation collection is meticulously crafted by seasoned musicians worldwide, ensuring superior sound quality across any device or streaming service. The music in our Free Evite Invitation Templates comes with full licensing for stress-free usage.

Customizing Free Evite Invitation Templates

Our wedding invitation templates offer extensive customization, enabling you to personalize every detail. From tweaking text to adjusting fonts, colors, and music tracks, or even creating your invitation in a different language, we provide versatile options. Everything is adaptable; the only limitation lies within the graphics themselves. Explore the potential through our complimentary sample, then choose from our full collection of further designed Invitation Templates.

Our Free Evite Invitations are available as video templates for free download.

Directly downloading from Canva to your computer or device eliminates concerns about email server issues or file size requirements, guaranteeing consistent quality across WhatsApp, Messenger, and other online platforms. These elements collectively offer a unique invitation concept, sure to captivate and excite your guests for the big day.

So why wait? Download your Free Evite Invitation Template and discover how easy it is to edit and impress your guests.