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Motion Stamp is excited to introduce our stunning collection of animated video templates, designed to be fully customizable by you, using the world-renowned video maker, Canva.

Once you purchase your chosen template, you'll receive an email containing a PDF file with a personal link to the Canva template, as well as detailed instructions.

To get started, simply sign in to your Canva account, whether it's the Free or Pro version, and click on the link provided in the PDF. You'll have everything you need to immediately personalize the template right at your fingertips. While the background graphics and animation remain the same, you'll have complete control over -
• your text
• fonts
• music
• clip order & length,
even the ability to add your own photos.

All of our templates are 1920 pixels high & 1080 pixels wide, making them the perfect size for mobile video

To send to your guests you can either:
• Download the finished video for WhatsApp, or other video friendly message services.
• Or embed your video in your own event website builder.
Either way, your guests will be able to view instantly in full HD quality on any mobile device or computer.


Italian Wedding Invitations with Instant Download

Whether its the Italian coast, or rustic Tuscany, embark on a visual journey that mirrors the elegance of lemon groves against the serene backdrop of Mediterranean blues with our Italian Wedding Invitations. Our designs capture the vibrancy of lemon imagery juxtaposed against the tranquil allure of blue tiles. This customizable template offers flexibility in text, music, fonts, and timing, resonating with the refreshing visuals of lemon-infused landscapes.


Personalizing Your Italian Wedding Invitation

Craft a visually stunning Italian Wedding Invitation that echoes the timeless allure of lemon-themed graphics set amidst the calming hues of Mediterranean blue tiles. Access the Canva template instantly by completing our order form. Seamlessly infuse your invitation with the vibrancy of lemon imagery and the serene beauty of blue tiles, inspired by the captivating visuals of the Mediterranean.

Our invitation template allows creative exploration, channeling the essence of lemon-inspired graphics harmonized with the calming tones of Mediterranean blue tiles. Discover inventive suggestions reflecting lemon visuals and tranquil blues in our accompanying 'How-to' guide for an exquisite editing experience.

RSVP Wedding Accommodation Complement your Italian wedding invitations with an RSVP form, designed with subtle lemon-themed visuals set against the tranquil backdrop of Mediterranean blues. Utilize Google Forms to customize the form, incorporating lemon graphic elements and hues reminiscent of the serene Mediterranean blue tiles.

For alternative communication methods or guidance with the animated invitation, feel free to contact us. Explore our FAQ section for insights into customization and delivery!


Environmentally Friendly Invitation Templates

Embrace eco-consciousness with our paperless wedding invitations, featuring vibrant lemon visuals against a backdrop inspired by the calming tones of Mediterranean blue tiles. Simplify invitation distribution via email, text, SMS, WhatsApp, and more, in line with the environmentally conscious lifestyle reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette & Personalized Messages Crafted with elegance, our wedding card designs merge modern aesthetics with lemon-themed visuals harmoniously complemented by the calming allure of blue-tiled vistas. Each invitation reflects the vibrancy of lemon graphics, seamlessly paired with the tranquil charm of Mediterranean blue tiles, captivating recipients as animated invitations.

Commence your celebration with a visually captivating lemon-infused wedding invitation embodying the essence of Mediterranean life. Explore our Wedding Invitation Etiquette page, offering wording options inspired by lemon graphics and the tranquil blues of Mediterranean tiles for a bespoke invitation tailored to your guest list.


Creators of Italian Wedding Invitations

Motion Stamp, founded by Jo, envisions offering eco-friendly invitations inspired by lemon graphics harmonized with the serene charm of blue-tiled panoramas. Our collection embodies premium quality, influenced by the vibrant aesthetics of lemon visuals and the serene allure of blue tiles. Learn more about us here.

Enhance your guests' delight with a musical accompaniment seamlessly complementing your celebration. Our invitation tracks are meticulously crafted, resonating with the vibrancy of lemon visuals and the tranquil charm of blue tiles.


Customizing Wedding Invitations

Personalize your wedding invitations with versatile options inspired by the vibrant aesthetics of lemon graphics and the calming allure of blue-tiled landscapes. Modify text, fonts, colors, and music tracks, infusing the invigorating spirit of lemon visuals and the tranquil blues of Mediterranean tiles into your celebration.

Our Wedding Invitation Templates, available in various formats, ensure a seamless experience across online platforms. Download directly from Canva to your device, resonating with the refreshing allure of lemon graphics and the serene charm of blue tiles.

Experience the essence of Italy by downloading your Italian Wedding Invitation Template, inviting your guests to a celebration infused with the vibrancy of lemon visuals set amidst the calming tones of Mediterranean blue tiles.