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Choose the perfect music for your Wedding Invitation theme

From traditional to modern, we have songs to suit

An online wedding invitation with custom music shows your personal style

Motion Stamp offers a collection of stunning music tracks to compliment your animated invitation design. Choose a song from our range, or we can find something even more specific from the premium beat catalogue.

How to select the perfect song, for your Motion Stamp online invitation

1. Browse our collection

Tracks are in'traditional' and 'contemporary' groups, so you can narrow in quickly on your favourite options. They all have a clear beginning, middle and end, which works perfectly with our animations.

2. Timing is everything

We have longer and shorter versions of the music to work with all our invitation options. The preview song tracks run for roughly 30 seconds. You'll find once the music is in your invitation, it will be edited, and all the animation is retimed to ensure it fits perfectly.

3. Tell us your choice

Please use the drop down in the order form to select the name and number of the song. We'll take care of the rest. To change from the default invitation song to a new one from our range is $20 USD. This is to retime the animation to ensure your details work with the new pace.

4. Looking for something else?

Please visit directly and search their music catalogue. There is a $70 USD fee for the license and for Motion Stamp to edit the new music track. We can use a free 'preview' of the song, to before committing to purchasing that license. 

Licensed music is perfect for online videos

In todays modern world more and more products are becoming digital. It's important to recognise that virtual ownership is part of this new landscape. As Motion Stamp is an online business, and our invitations are part of a business transaction, we only utilise music that we have a license for, or written permission to use.

Traditional Music Tracks

Using traditional instruments and styling, we have a number of musical scores to work with your theme. Use the play bar to preview your tracks, and scroll around them.


T1 | Spring Quartet

A pulsing and positive music score, featuring violin, viola, cello and bass creating a hopefilled, optimistic mood.


T2 |  It Has To Be

Gentle and lush music theme, with modern classical / neo classical elements featuring romantic piano and strings to create a heartfelt and sentimental feel.


T3 | Moving To New Places

Lush and flowing song, with classical 20th century elements featuring heartfelt piano and strings to create a sentimental and honored mood.


T4 | Summer River

A warm and noble music score, featuring flute, fiddle, acoustic guitar, and percussion in a calm and majestic slow waltz.


T5 | Hummingbird

Flowing and radiant musical arrangement, with inspirational elements featuring lush piano, pizzicato strings, and bells to create a sentimental and expressive mood.

Contemporary Music Tracks

Using contemporary instruments and a present-day beat. These tracks are joyful and celebratory in style, but with a modern twist. Use the play bar to preview your tracks, and scroll around them.


C1 | When The Sun

Breezy and warm theme, with folk-pop elements featuring reflective acoustic guitar, female aahs, and strings to create a tender and optimistic mood.


C2 | A Piano Story

Gentle and heartwarming music track, featuring flowing piano and strings creating a tender, inspirational mood.


C3 | Another Level

Lush and flowing song, with inspirational elements featuring soaring acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and female oohs aahs to create an uplifting and proud mood.


C4 | Liberate

Flowing and lush musical theme, with Pop easy listening elements featuring inspirational piano, strings, and vocal samples to create a soaring and reflective mood.


C5 | Summers End

Gentle and bright song, featuring floating acoustic guitar, hand claps and strings that create a festive mood.


C6 | Light Up The Stars

Bright and building music track, featuring piano, drums and electric guitar that create an inspiring mood.


C7 | Bright Design

Light and floating song, featuring pulsing acoustic guitar, piano and pizzicato strings that create an adventurous and whimsical feel.


C8 | Valentine

Lush and flowing music theme, with pop ballad elements featuring dreamy female aahs, piano, and strings to create a contemplative and emotive mood.

Once you have found your favourite music score, visit your chosen invitation design and select your song in the order form.

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