Unicorn Ballerina | Animated Birthday Invitation

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Unicorn Birthday Invitation Animated

Looking Unicorn Birthday Invitation Ideas?

Magical Unicorns dance and celebrate in this gorgeous animated invitation template. With joyful colors and music, your little guests will want to view their invitations over and over. No need to find out guests home mailing addresses, having invites lost in a school bag, or your child having to explain why not everyone in the class was handed an invite. These Invitations can be easily delivered online, and offer you and your guests a taste of magic!

Our Unicorn Birthday Invitation theme is part of our Animated Invitations collection. Motion Stamps Animated Evites are a fun and exciting way to invite all your guests, loved ones, friends and family to your birthday or special occasion. Our easy to order animated birthday invitation allows you to save time and money, as well as delighting guests with beautiful movement and music. 

How to make Animated Birthday Invitation Cards

We have an extensive FAQ guide that can assist in answering many questions with regards to creating your digital Birthday Invitation. Once you have selected your unique birthday invitation design, just scroll down to fill in your event details in the order form. On the Unicorn Birthday Invitation design, you can also have the option to include a photo of your child. Once you have placed your order, we’ll start creating your animated birthday invitation within just a few days.

As part of the ordering form, you will notice thumbnail images taken from the unicorn birthday invitation video. These images will act as a reference and guide you in what information you are filling out for each shot. Just write your preferred words and we will make the changes needed so the evite works for your event.  If the order boxes do not allow you the opportunity to place your exact information, there is a ‘special direction’ box at the bottom of the form. This will allow you to communicate any specific placement of text within the animated birthday invitation. This means, you are able to place the exact wording anywhere in your unicorn birthday evite. Please contact us if you have any questions with this.  

An Eco Friendly Invitation that makes life easy

If we need to clarify any of your event details, we’ll contact you via email before we start creating your evite. We like to make sure your eco friendly invitation is made perfectly the first time, and you and your friends and family will see your event details clearly.

When your Animated Unicorn Birthday Invitation is ready for you to review. You will receive a private webpage link. This will be an image with an assigned URL, linking to your animated invitation. Simply click on the link and this will take you straight to your private Animated Invitation page. Should your Birthday ecard require any updates, this is part of our service. Motion Stamp ensures your unicorn birthday card is perfect before you deliver it to your guests electronically.

Who created this Unicorn Birthday Invitation

Our Unicorn birthday invitation was crafted by Jo D, founder of Motion Stamp. Jo is an award winning Motion Designer,  with a professional background in animation and visual effects. Jo D has 20 years experience in this field and had had the opportunity to partake in some exciting projects in this time. Two films, Jo was a team member for, have won Academy Awards, among other achievements. Jo has a passion for design and story, and has poured countless hours into creating an Animated Invitation template range, that allows customers to access bespoke invitation design, at an affordable price point. 

Motion Stamps animated invitations are crafted around beautifully recorded music. The composers are from many places in the globe, and Motion Stamp uses a commercial licenses to ensure your Unicorn birthday invitation can be sent off into to all of your guests without any issues.

Personalizing your Animated Birthday Invitation

Many of our Digital Invitation templates allows the option of uploading your own photo. At the end of every animated invitation, we also have a final frame which summarises all of your event details. Should there be anything detailed you need to convey to your guests, we can include this at the end of your unicorn birthday invitation. Ensuring your event can run to plan and all the information has been relayed to your guests.

Vimeo is a renowned video hosting website, and stores all of our Animated birthday invitation videos securely. Vimeo ensures your evite will be streamed to your guests in the highest quality possible. It also allows you to download your own personal animated invitation to your computer, phone or device, as a keepsake. With the additional option of different resolutions.

This animated Unicorn Birthday Invitation is is a fabulous idea, with gorgeous graphics, fun music, in an easy and affordable service. What is not to love?