Weddings are a very special moment in life, and sometimes traditional wedding gifts are becoming increasingly impractical. Depending on one's culture or background, asking friends and family for money instead of a physical gift can feel quite awkward. However, if done correctly it can be an efficient and even more personal way for your guests to contribute to your special day. After all, every guest wants to give something that will be used and loved! With our guide, learn how to respectfully ask for money for your wedding as an alternative to gifts.

The best ways to ask your guests for Money instead of Wedding Gifts include

1.  Appropriate phrases in your wedding invitations
2.  Through your wedding website or online registry
3.  By a personal letter or email
4.  Speak to them in person or over the phone

By using these methods, you can start the conversation about monetary gifts in an appropriate and respectful manner.

First, make sure you’re comfortable with asking for money. It's important to acknowledge that some guests may not be able to give financially as much as others, and it should never be expected or taken for granted. That being said, if it’s something you’re open to then there are a few ways you can politely ask for monetary contributions.

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Use your Wedding Invitations

Consider incorporating the request into your wedding invitations. You can do this in many ways, however finding an approach that reflects your personalities makes it more authentic.

Traditional approach phrases

Could be a simple line such as “In lieu of gifts we would love any financial contribution towards our wedding.” Or a more detailed heartfelt phrase might be “Your presence is the only gift we need, but if you wish to bless us with a present, contributions towards our wedding would be greatly appreciated.”

Light-hearted poems

Or to make the request more light-hearted, you could include a poem, such as
“We have the dishes, and silverware too. What we need is cash from you!”

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An example of a wishing well poem is

"While wedding presents are so nice
Your attendance will certainly suffice
But if you wish to give as well
You can donate to our wishing well."

While a contribution to our honeymoon fund phrase could be something such as

"As we've been together for a year or few,
we really don't need anything new.
But if you were thinking of getting us a small wedding gift,
some money for our honeymoon wouldn't go a miss."

Whatever tone and approach you choose, just be sure to stay true to yourselves.

Other ways to request money instead of gifts

In addition to your wedding invitations, there are plenty of other ways for you and your partner to politely ask for money as a wedding gift.

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Create a website or online registry

Here, you can deliver a webpage where guests can donate directly without feeling awkward, this will also allow you to include further information on how the contributions will be used. Some popular options include Honeyfund, Hitchd, Wish U Well, Travellers Choice and more. You can read our Top 5 Online Cash Gift Registries review here.

This can be quite fun for your guests, as some registries even allow them to choose experiences for you to enjoy on your honeymoon.

Email or Letter

Alternatively, consider sending a follow-up email or letter after the fact that explains why money would be most helpful. This allows you to expand further on your plans, more than what could be included in a smaller wedding invitation. It could also provide details on how they can make donations, such as specific bank accounts or websites that make it easier for them to contribute.

In Person

Or, if it’s more comfortable for you and your partner, you can request money in person from close family members and friends when inviting them to your wedding. Some older guests might appreciate this more, and have questions or even helpful suggestions.

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Tell your guests of the 'why' 

Make sure you explain why the financial contribution is important and how it will benefit you both. Is it to fund a honeymoon? Help purchase your dream home together? Buy furniture? Start a business or charity you’ve both been working towards? Whatever the reason may be, letting your guests know why money is preferable will make them feel more connected and appreciated.

You may even have some guests ask how much they should contribute. This will be up to your and your partner to decide an answer. Always remember to give your guests options, as some may be in different financial situations, and placing pressure on your guest may strain relationship.

How to follow up with a Thank-you!

It’s polite to always thank your guests for their contributions, regardless of whether they gave a gift or money. And it’s important you do this in a timely manner — within 4 months of your wedding date is generally a good time. How you go about doing this is up to you and could include sending a thank-you note, email, an animated montage of your photos or even simply saying the words ‘thank-you’ when seeing them next!

Asking for money instead of gifts may seem daunting, but following these steps will help ensure that you are respectful and mindful when requesting financial contributions from your wedding guests. 

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