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Wow your guests with a stunningly exquisite Animated Wedding Invitation

option to download or have your very own personalized webpage created to host your invitation

It's easy to see why animated wedding invitations (also known as evites) are taking the wedding industry by storm! Not only are they a fun and unique way to invite your guests to your big day. As an alternative to paper invitations, animated evites can help you save money on your overall wedding budget.

Animated wedding invitations are also fast, environmentally friendly and best of all they make the wedding planning process simple and easy for wedding planners and brides to be.

With so many creative and beautiful animated wedding invitation templates to choose from, it's easy to find one that perfectly fits your wedding theme and style.

You can choose to download your invitation and deliver via any method of your choosing, or you can choose Motion Stamp to create your own personal webpage to host your invitation.

Wow your guests with exquisite craftmanship

Saving time and money doesn’t mean you have to lose quality. Motion Stamp invitations are not your regular evite. Our virtual invitations are made by a professional, award winning animator – they’re the highest quality motion invitation you’ll find at an affordable price.

Easy, fast, ad-free invitation videos - sent directly to your guests

MotionStamp invitations are more than paperless invites - they are beautiful animated videos. Your event details will dance across your page in your chosen theme, leaving your guests to feel like they are watching the opening credits of a movie.

You don't have to worry about downloading the video or annoying ads - our animated cards are hosted on Vimeo, so you can simply embed the video link in a text message, email, social media post or directly into your event website.

· Animations are conveniently designed to be viewed in full HD on both mobile and desktop devices.

· No messing around with long processing periods or shipping delays. Your virtual invitation will be ready within 3-5 business days of ordering.

· You don't have to pay thousands to get high-quality, elegant wedding invitations. For a fraction of the price, you can get a faster, easier, environmentally friendly option.

· When you order - you know exactly what your invitation will look like before you finalise your design.

· We use uniquely designed animations to create a video that can be sent directly to your guests' mobile devices or desktop computers and watched like a movie on their screens.

· You can even link MotionStamp videos directly to your event planning website to document open rates and track RSVPs.

Customised with your personal details

Your paperless invitation will be completely unique with fully customizable text, and you can review the animation and make changes before you finalize your order.

Level up your wedding game at a fraction of the cost

Don’t spend thousands on wedding invitations that will get thrown in the bin. Explore our range of exquisite animation themes that will delight and impress your guests.

Our gorgeous animations are a fraction of the price you would pay for paper animations.

Get started!

Choose an animated wedding invitation template that fits your overall wedding theme and style. There are plenty of beautiful templates to choose from, so take your time in finding the perfect one.

Rustic Fireflies animated wedding invitation

Our firefly couple leave the sanctuary of their home to adventure across the glowing enchanted forest together.

Floral & Gold animated wedding invitation

Classic and Timeless in style, drawing on traditionalism with a modern edge. This one minute Animated Wedding Invitation Template will provide a unique, easy and joyful way to invite your guests to your special day.

Black & Gold animated wedding invitation

A twist on our Floral & Gold Invitation range, this stunning Wedding Invitation captivates your guests, with gold letters, fine black textures and elegant animation. Classic and Timeless in style, drawing on traditionalism with a modern edge.

Watercolor animated wedding invitation

Gorgeous watercolour ink, moving circles and growing plants take your guests through a joyous and beautiful design.

Dancing Dandelions

Classic and Elegant Illustrated Flower Botanicals are the backdrop to our floating Dandelions.

Butterfly animated wedding invitation

A Bright and Happy theme surrounds our two butterflies, as they lead your guest around a series of paper card and texture collages.

Made to Order

Do you have a very specific theme in mind for your big day? We can create a custom design just for you!

We can take one of our pre-existing invitations and update it to your preferred colors and graphics, or we can create a brand new invitation design from scratch. We can also create invitations in different languages using various alphabet systems.

Find out more about our custom designs.