Congratulations! You've decided to enter this new phase of life. The engagement party is a life-changing event that kicks off the wedding process.

 To relish the new and celebrate your updated relationship status with friends and family here are some engagement party ideas.

  1. Relaxing Garden Party

You can create an invitation video for friends and family to announce this significant life event and invite them to your engagement party. Your backyard could be the perfect place for a relaxing engagement garden party. Start by choosing a theme for the party to work out the decorations, menu, and entertainment. 

Deciding a menu can be a tricky element of a garden party and you need to consider your dietary preferences and allergies. It is important to keep variety on the menu to make sure you have plenty of options for everyone.

  1. Rooftop Engagement Party

A rooftop party is a great way to mingle with close family and friends. Start by picking a venue for your rooftop engagement party. When choosing a venue, consider how many people you have on your engagement party invitation list. The venue should be large enough to accommodate everyone. 

Take wind and rain into consideration as well while choosing a rooftop venue for your engagement. A venue with an indoor room and a similar view could be the perfect choice. 

Menu is another important detail of your rooftop engagement party, You want to keep the temperatures in mind when selecting the menu.

  1. Pool Engagement Party

If you don't have a pool, rent a house for the day. When throwing a pool party, you want to make sure your party is stocked with plenty of summer drinks. The refreshing drinks are sure to be a hit at your party. You can also have a floating bar that your guests will surely love. 

Having a nice variety of snacks is also important for satisfying your guests. To keep everyone entertained plan a few pool party games. Hiring a DJ can also help liven up the party.

  1. A Beach Themed Engagement Party

Beach-themed parties are a popular choice for engagement celebrations. It offers a relaxed atmosphere for guests to enjoy. When it comes to the menu, tropical cocktails and fresh seafood are a must-have for any beach-themed party. 

Plan some beach games to make your guests feel that they're on a tropical vacation. Hiring a local band to play music will make it a memorable evening that leaves a lasting impression on the guests.

Announce the news with engagement party invitations that are customized to the theme of the celebrations. 

  1. Old Fashioned Costume Party

An old-fashioned costume party can be a great way to celebrate your major relationship milestone. Ask your guests to dress up as their favourite characters. Leave the costume options open for the guests so that they can get creative with the ideas. If you don't plan to have a lot of people at the party, your home will be the best place for the event.

Getting engaged is the first step of a new life that you plan to live with your partner. There can be so many different ways to celebrate this special day. Whatever theme or idea you choose to celebrate your engagement, it is important to have fun and forget all the worries as you embark on a new journey of a lifetime.