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Motion Stamp was founded by Jo in 2019 who has a background in feature film animation and a love for visual storytelling. The business was a number of years in the making, and was built in spare time between work, family and life. Jo is passionate about building the best Online Invitations experience for both guest and host. With Digital Video Invitations that are engaging, well crafted and easy to use, and to be a part of people's steps in connecting with loved ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an Animated Invitation?

What are the steps?

Once you have found your Animated Invitation Design, simply fill in the event details form before adding it to your cart. If you wish to add a photo this can be uploaded at this stage as well. There will be space to include any extra special details in the end frame of the invitation, as well as the opportunity to include any special direction with the text. We will always contact you to ask questions and clarify anything if needed. If you are looking for assistance with ideas for phrasing, we have a helpful Wedding Invitation Etiquette tips page.

Once you have checked your wording is correct, continue through the payment process and an email confirmation will be sent to you.

Once we have your video ready, a private link will be emailed to you. Should we need to revise anything for any reason, we are able to update until you are completely happy with the results. You are then ready to send your invitation link to your guests in any way you wish.

Will my Video Invitation work on all devices?

Yes, the invitation is at HD Resolution (1080) 24 fps. Provided the viewers internet connection is working, you will see clear quality video on computers, tablets and smartphones. Should you decide to project it on a 5K screen or larger, you may start seeing some degradation.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Generally an order will take between 3-5 business days. There are a number of steps involved, and depending on the wording, there may be a little manual re-animation involved in getting your invitation looking just right. On the odd occasion we may pause creating orders for a holiday period. We'll always announce this on our website ahead of time so customers can be aware.

Can I download my Invitation as a Keepsake?

Absolutely. You are able to download the video in a variety of resolutions to keep on your own computer or system. 

Can I create variations of the Invitation?

Yes. For example, due to Covid many events have guest number restrictions. We are able to do alternate versions so you can invite your guests with different limts on numbers. Typically we include this information in the final invitation frame of the video. Please get in touch to create these custom orders.  

Can we create the invitation in another language?

Yes, currently we have created Invitations in English, Spanish, German, French, Latvian and Portuguese. English is our first language, and we are happy to work with you and your translation into another language.

Can we change the music?

It is best not to change the music due to commercial licensing laws. We have used fully licensed music in creating the invitations. Meaning there will never be any legal issues. Even though the invitation is for private use, it was created as part of a business transaction. This can become complicated in different countries depending on their specific law.

If you do wish to change the music, we will need written permission from the owner of the music, or we will need to purchase a commercial license for your desired track. Websites such as premiumbeat.com have a great range of professional tracks at affordable prices. 

We have a website, can we embed the online invitation into it?

Yes. Vimeo easily allows embedding. I provide the embedding code as part of my service. Just let me know if you need the html code and I am able to send it to you. Please note, we will be unable to insert the code into your webpage for you. If you are unsure how to do this, there are many web freelancers who can easily insert it. 

My event details have changed, can we update them?

Yes. If there has been a change in your event details, no problem. We offer a redo service at 50% of the initial purchase price for each following changed version.

Can I print the final Invitation page? Some guests require a physical invitation.

We are able to provide a captured Jpg still from the HD (High Definition) video invitation, upon request. That way if anyone would like a printed copy you will have that option. Please note, this will have a different resolution to that of a tradition paper invitation. It is designed to be a quick print and go, for any guest who needs the event details on paper.

What happens with the Photo?

If your chosen Invitation offers a photo option, we will do all the work for you. Including cropping, colour treatment and re-sizing. We just need your favourite high resolution picture uploaded into the order form. It will need to be under 10 MB in size. We are able to accept all image formats. We do recommend a high quality JPG image.

Will only my guests be able to see my event details?

Yes. Vimeo hosts videos privately. Only those people you send the link to will be able to find your invitation. It will not be open to the general public.

How long will my Invitation be online?

Once we create a wedding invitation animation video. It can stay online as long as you like. By default, we will remove the webpage 1 year after the event has taken place. However if you wish something different let us know.

Can we avoid ads playing on my online invitation video?

Yes. We have specifically gone with Vimeo as they are an ad free service.

Why isn't the Video Invitation working in Landscape?

Sometimes people’s smartphones and tablets have rotate image turned off. This can be turned on in your devices relevant settings menu.

The text placement is different to what I was expecting. I'm not happy with the result, can we fix this?

Sometimes we may need to change the text formatting to work with the surrounding images. Extra-long names and addresses in particular may need to change in size and placement. We also need to work with ‘title safe’ zones in your videos to ensure your words aren’t cropped when viewing on different devices. Should you not be satisfied with anything please let us know and we can work together to ensure you are completely happy with your invitation.

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