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Choose the best fonts for your custom wedding invitation theme


Professional font combinations are an essential ingredient in wedding invitation design. The perfect wedding font is completely a personal choice, however it's purpose is to connect with your personality, and set the mood for your event. It also needs to be technically well constructed, and supply options, to best allow for decorative letter combinations and flexible word layouts.

We've displayed our favourite handwritten and decorative fonts, paired with an elegant secondary font. All creating their own unique styling and feel for your special occasion. Tell us your favourite look in your order form, or via email, and we can include it into your animated wedding invitation sequence. We also offer Arabic and other non-Latin based font options.

Classic Wedding Font Combinations

Drawing on tradition, these classic and elegantly styled fonts give your event a feeling of grace and sophistication


La Bohemia + Baskerville

La Bohemia is a modern calligraphy font that will enchant your guests with its elegance and poise. We find one of the best fonts to pair this with is the well known Libre Baskerville. The same serif font used by Tiffanys. Together these two fonts give a classic feel to any design.

Use this calligraphy font for 1 or 2 large display key words only. This will create greater impact and ensure the text is legible online and printed.

To view these fonts being animated, view our Floral and Gold Invitations


Argentina Script + Alize

‘Argentina Script' is a is a romantic calligraphy font, that features a varying baseline, smooth lines, and a classic and elegant touch. It is paired with 'Alize' which is styled on 16th century chancery italics. Together they provide a timeless Wedding font design.

GOOD TIP: Use a mix of italics, capitals and tracking (distance between letters) in the Alize script to create the best design variety.

To view these fonts being animated, view our Dancing Dandelions Invitations

wedding font pairings

Best One Love + Trajan

Playful brushstroke swashes are the key design element of this handwritten font 'Best One Love'. Sweet love heart shapes and cursive arches look lovely when paired with 'Trajan'. This miminal, yet well balanced font, is based on the shapes of anicient Roman text. The even weight of the letters means it's a great font for use on mobile screens. As the text is legible even when quite small.

Trajan is the only font on our list that is CAPITALS only. To give variety, alter the weight, italics, horizontal tracking (space between letters) and sizing. To break up the style and create interest.

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Modern Wedding Font Combinations

Joyful and charming designs. Bring your unique style to your invitation design with a contemporary themed font

wedding font pairings

Silver South + Minerva Modern

'Silver South' is a new modern handwritten font, and best for bold design statements, due to strong vertical strokes and a great use of space. 'Minerva Modern' is a professional san serif typeface containing width variations typically reserved for traditional serif fonts. Making it perfect for modern weddings. Together they make for an impactful Wedding font combination, for an invitation that can't be ignored.

GOOD TIP: Experiment with the base line of Silver Souths capitals (where the bottom of the letter is positioned vertically) Moving these up or down will allow you to stack lines closer together, and create a more cohesive look.

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Cursive Script Design on white paper with the words Wedding celebration written
wedding font pairings

Cantoni Pro + Mr Eaves

Cantoni is a hand lettered cursive font that comes with a sweet and whimsical personality. It’s key features are the gorgeous swashes. The execution of this font is extremely well done, and the letter options that come with it will make your text look like a piece of art. When paired with the minimalist and classic 'Mr Eaves' sans serif, it feels as though everything is balanced.

GOOD TIP: Don't overdo the swashes, and take advantage of the letter variations so no two letters looks the same.

Best Fonts for Wedding Monograms

These decorative fonts designed to stand out. Perfect for single letters at the start of a sentence, a decorative single word heading, or to be matched with another letter to create a Wedding logo or represent your initials.


August Roma Serif

One of our favourtite fonts due to the luxury feel and wide variety of swash options on both upper and lower case letters. This font is extremely versatile and one could create a full invitation on this font alone.
View an example in our Illustrated Save the Date Card



An elegant serif font drawing insipration from the art deco period. The font includes alternative characters and ligatures. It's a great font to help contruct a wedding logo or monogram design for you Wedding invitation and branding.

The best way to view this font being animated and color treated, is in our Dancing Dandelions Invitations

Prefer to bring your own font to your invitation?

When it comes to wedding invitations, one of the most important decisions is finding the best font for your special day. But with so many options available, how do you know which font best suits your needs? Here are some key factors to consider when selecting the best wedding invitation font:

1) Readability: Choose a font that’s easy to read and won’t cause strain on the eyes. Avoid overly ornate or calligraphic fonts as they can be difficult to decipher. Select a font with clear characters and contrasting colors

2) Compatibility: You want your font to work well across various devices and platforms, including emails, physical printed invites, animated video and websites. Selecting a universally compatible font will ensure all guests receive a consistent experience.

3) Aesthetics: The best wedding invites should be aesthetically pleasing, so pay attention to how the font looks on paper and online. Does it fit with the overall look and feel of your event? Is the style appropriate for the occasion? Make sure you have a few backups just in case.

4) Personlization: You may wish to use the font to personalise your names a certain way, or even use it to design a wedding monogram or logo. In this case, it's fine to use a hihly decorative option. In this instance it's best to use one font for you names or monogram, and a different more legible font for your invitation details.

5) Mix and Match: Having contrasting fonts create interest in your invitation and leads to good design. Stick to 2 fonts (or 3 for a monogram) and have them contrast, but compliment each other. For example if you have a strong calligraphy script, don't pair it with another script font, but a delicate serif or sans serif font.

6) A Font Family gives options: Many fonts come with weight options, italics and sometimes alternative characters. Choosing a font that is part of a larger family will give you more design flexibility and create interest.

By taking into account these six key factors, you can find a great font for your wedding invitations that best suits your needs—ensuring guests enjoy receiving your invitation, and creating anticipation for your big day! With this knowledge in mind, you can find a beautiful font that perfectly encapsulates the personality of your special occasion.

Can't find the font you're looking for?

Wedding font pairings are such as personal choice, and well thought out Wedding font combinations are an effective way to create interest and set the tone of your invitation. If you are needing an elegant and unique style, animating your invitation text will certainly capture your guests attention and build anticipation for your big day. We would love to hear what your favourite Wedding fonts are, and if you would like to explore them in your very own animated Wedding Invitation.

If you are looking some professional free fonts options, we suggest Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts. The also have fonts available in various languages and alphabet systems.

If you have further questions about our wedding fonts and how we can best include them in your animated invitation video, please contact us.