Floral Wedding Invitations

Delight your guests with a classic floral online Wedding Invitation. With convenient option to download or have your very own personalized webpage created to host your invitation

What's Included

• Choose your own text
• Created within 3 to 5 days
• Guests can enjoy on any computer or device
• Easy to download and send, or optional webpage with links to your RSVP, maps or webpages
• Alternatively, can embed in your own event website elsewhere
• Unlimited revisions
• Created by an award-winning motion designer

A Wedding Evite Classic in Style, Modern in Delivery

our wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, so why not start the celebrations off with a bang? 

Send your guests our beautiful Floral Wedding Invitations and watch their eyes light up with excitement.

Our invitations are classically styled with a modern twist, perfect for couples who want to inject a bit of personality into their big day. The stunning white flowers and gold trimmings are guaranteed to make a lasting impression, while the fully customizable text means you can add your own personal touch. Plus, there's even an optional photo insert so you can include a lovely image of the happy couple.

So if you're looking for wedding invitations that are elegantly understated and full of charm, our Floral Wedding Invitations are the perfect choice. Order yours today and let the countdown to your big day begin!

Why choose Motion Stamp Online Wedding Invitations?

  • Our invitations are classically styled with a modern twist, perfect for couples who want to inject a bit of personality into their big day.
  • Our wedding evites are fully customizable and can be sent electronically, making them convenient and easy to use.
  • You can include a lovely image of the happy couple, making your invitations even more personal.

Order your Floral Wedding Invitations today and let the countdown to your big day begin!

Customized with your personal details

Your paperless invitation will be completely unique with fully customizable text, and you can review the animation and make changes before you complete your order.

Made to Order

Do you have a very specific theme in mind for your celebration? We can create a custom design just for you!

We can take one of our pre-existing paperless invitations and update it to your preferred colors and graphics, or we can create a brand-new invitation design from scratch. Our online wedding invitations can also be created in different languages, such as Arabic, Portuguese, Cyrillic, Spanish and more. Find out more about our custom designs.

Host your entire event online with your own webpage

Looking for a classier, easier, and more accessible way to manage your special event outside of Facebook or online calendars? 

Host your floral wedding invitation through your own dedicated Motion Stamp event web page, including RSVP and guest registry options. 

Already have your own Wedding website elsewhere?

No problem, you can easily embed your Motion Stamp animated floral wedding invitation into your event web page. You won't even need to download your video. You can embed straight to your website using the Vimeo URL we provide.


How do I order my online Animated Floral Wedding Invitation?

Simply fill out the form with your information, including the text you would like to include in the video. You can also upload an optional photo to be included on the video card.

Tell us how you would like to receive your invitation, such as a download, or in a webpage we create for you, or as a link you embed into your own pre-made event website. Also, let us know if you would like any custom changes to colors, music, or fonts using our custom ordering choices / boxes / options.

Once you've submitted the form, you have the option to pay securely via credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and more. After payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email confirming delivery time, and a link to a complimentary matching RSVP form, using the Google forms tool. 

In 3-5 days, you will receive an email from us, letting you know your invitation is ready for review, and some helpful tips on how you can send your invitation to your guests. 

We will create your personalized webpage where you can complete your order.

How will my guests be able to view my Floral and Gold Animated Wedding Invitation if I have downloaded it?

We send you a link that will allow you to download onto your computer or any mobile device. When delivering your invitation to guests via WhatsApp or another messaging service, sometimes the app will apply its own compression to make the file smaller, resulting in a loss of video quality. You may wish to do a test on the different download sizes available, to ensure you are happy with the results before sending them to your guests. 

WhatsApp and other messaging apps also remove the 'cover image' assigned to the invitation. Therefore, we have included a single frame at the very start of your video sequence, so your guests do not see a blank image before playing.

If you do not wish to be bogged down with files and video compression limits, just have Motion Stamp create a webpage and we will host the invitation for you.