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Unique & Modern Wedding Invitations

Impress your guests with a Wedding Invitation that is a little out of the ordinary. With convenient option to download or have your very own personalized webpage created to host your invitation

Wedding Invitations with Online RSVP

• uniquely designed wedding invitations
• easy to customize
• fast delivery
• no limit on file size or number of guests
• private and secure hosting
• full HD quality
• viewable on any mobile device or computer
• option to include your online rsvp

Our Modern Virtual Wedding Invitations are Joyful in Style & Modern in Delivery

Our gorgeous Evite Invitations provide a unique, easy and fun way to invite your guests to your special day.

Get fully customizable text, presented in festive designs. With an optional photo to include into the video card. Warm, inviting, and joyful in colors. These invitations will make your guests feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Your elegant invitation has the option to be downloaded or hosted privately online with your own personalized webpage. You won't have to deal with cumbersome large file transfers or email limits. 

Simply send the link to your guests in any communication format of your choosing and they will view instantly in full HD quality on any mobile device or computer.

Get Digital Wedding Invitations with Online RSVP, on Your own Private Webpage

Looking for a stylish, easier, and more accessible way to manage your special event outside of Facebook or online calendars? Host your entire event through your own dedicated web page, including RSVP and guest registry options.  

Already have your own event page?

No problem, you can easily embed your Motion Stamp animated invitation into your event web page. No need to download your video invitation. You can embed your evite straight to your website from the Vimeo link we provide.


Do my wedding invitations come with an online RSVP?

If you choose to include a dedicated event webpage with your wedding invitation purchase, your webpage can link to your online RSVP form. Motion Stamp can link to any RSVP you create and we have a number of quality options to recommend, alternatively we provide a free RSVP template form created in a beautiful Google Forms design that matches your animated invitation style. 

Simply copy the form from our templates page, amend the questions to suit your event, and email us your new RSVPs link. We have a handy 'how to' guide to assist you in as much detail as you need and are available to answer any questions 

Once your order is complete, we'll send you a link to your event's web page via email. From there, you can share the link with your guests in any communication format of your choosing. 

How do I send my invitations?

You can share your invitations by email, WhatsApp message, or any other communication format of your choosing. Otherwise, if you have created a webpage with Motion Stamp, just send your guests the link to your private web page where they can view the invitation.

Do I need to download my video invitation if I have a web page made with another website builder?

No, you don't have to download your video invitation. You can embed your evite straight to your website from the Vimeo link we provide. Of course, you are always welcome to download it as a keepsake.

Is there a limit on file size or number of guests?

No, there is no limit on file size or number of guests. You can invite as many people as you want and we'll make sure everyone can view your invitation in full HD quality.

Why choose online wedding invitations that come with an RSVP?

Online wedding invitations are becoming more and more popular because they're easy to customize, fast to deliver, and can be viewed on any mobile device or computer. Plus, with the ability to link to your online RSVP form, you can easily keep track of who's coming to your event and get updates in real-time. No need to deal with cumbersome paper RSVPs or chasing down guests for their response.