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Boho Wedding Invitations

Delight your guests with a wedding invitation inspired by Bohemian themes. Enjoy the flexibility of downloading it or opt for a personalized webpage exclusively designed to host your invitation.

What's Included

• Personalize your text of choice
• Completed in 3 to 5 days
• Accessible to guests on any computer or device
• Simple to download and send, or opt for a webpage with convenient links to RSVP, maps, or other webpages
• Optionally embed in your existing event website
• Unlimited revisions available
• Crafted by a motion designer honoured with awards

A Modern Boho-Chic Wedding E invite: Timeless Elegance with a Modern Twist

Begin your wedding celebration on a unique note by sharing our Boho themed Wedding Invitations. These invitations effortlessly blend timeless style with modern Bohemian elements, catering to couples looking for a touch of personalization.

With intricate yet understated designs, our invitations make a sophisticated statement. Customize the text to reflect your personalities and, if desired, include a photo of the happy couple. If you're seeking elegant and charming wedding invitations with a Boho vibe, our invitations are the ideal choice. Place your order today and start the countdown to your special day.

Why choose Motion Stamp Boho Wedding Invitations?

  • Our wedding invitations exude classic charm with a contemporary edge
  • Ideal for couples seeking to infuse their personalities into their special day. These electronic invitations are entirely customizable, ensuring convenience and ease of use.
  • Personalize them further by including a beautiful image of the happy couple, adding an extra touch of intimacy.

Secure your Boho Wedding Invitations today and kickstart the exciting countdown to your grand celebration

Customized with your personal details

Craft a one-of-a-kind animated Boho invitation that's entirely yours with fully customizable text. You'll have the opportunity to review the motion graphics and make any desired changes before finalizing your order.

Made to Order

Are you envisioning a specific theme for your Boho celebration? Our services cater to your needs by offering custom-designed invitations.

We have the flexibility to modify our existing paperless invitations, adjusting colors, fonts and music according to your preferences.

Moreover, our online wedding invitations extend beyond language barriers. Whether in Arabic, Portuguese, Cyrillic, Spanish, or more, we can craft invitations in various languages to suit your diverse guest list.

Find out more about our custom designs.

Plan and manage your entire event seamlessly by hosting it on your dedicated webpage

Seeking a sophisticated, simplified, and easily accessible method to organize your special event without relying on platforms like Facebook or online calendars?

Elevate your Boho Wedding Invitation by hosting it exclusively on your personalized Motion Stamp event webpage, complete with RSVP and guest registry functionalities.

Do you currently have an existing wedding website elsewhere?

No problem! Embedding your Motion Stamp boho wedding invitation into your event webpage is a breeze. No need for downloads - simply use the Vimeo URL we provide to seamlessly embed it onto your website.


How do I order my online Animated Boho Wedding Invitation?

To order your online Animated Boho Wedding Invitation, simply fill out our form with your details, specifying the text you want in the video. You can also upload an optional photo for inclusion in the video card. Let us know your preferred delivery method, whether as a download, hosted on a webpage we create, or as an embeddable link for your existing event website. Customization options for colors, music, or fonts are available as well.

After completing the form, securely pay via credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, or other provided methods. Upon payment processing, you'll receive an email confirming the delivery timeline and a link to a corresponding RSVP form created using Google Forms.

Within 3-5 days, you'll receive an email indicating that your Boho Animated Wedding Invitation is ready for your review. This email will also include tips on effectively sharing the invitation with your guests. We'll set up your personalized webpage to finalize your order.

If you opt to download the invitation, you'll receive a link for downloading it to your computer or mobile device. Note that when shared via messaging apps like WhatsApp, they might compress the file, potentially reducing its quality. Test different download sizes to ensure satisfactory quality before sending it to guests.

Messaging apps might also remove the assigned 'cover image' for the invitation. To address this, we've included a single frame at the beginning of your video sequence so that guests see a placeholder image before playing. Alternatively, if you prefer to avoid dealing with file sizes and compression limits, Motion Stamp can create a webpage to host the invitation for you.