White & Gold | Portrait Wedding Invitations

• Uniquely Beautiful Motion Invitation
• Created Within 3-5 Days
• Personalized Webpage &
Rsvp Option
• Customize Colors,
• Unlimited Revisions

€153,95 EUR

Order your Online Motion Invitation in minutes
Classic and timeless in style, drawing on traditionalism with a modern edge. This one-minute paperless Wedding Invitation will provide a unique, convinient and elegant way to invite your guests to your special day. This invitation is styled with the theme of understated elegance. A perfect idea for those whose wedding connects with tradition and quality.

All our wedding invitations come with fully customizable text and optional photo. With further customization available for colors, font options & song choices from our music collection.

You have the flexibility to either
• Download the video for WhatsApp, or other video friendly message services.
• Have Motion Stamp create a personalized webpage to host your invitation,
• Or embed your invitation in your own wedding website builder elsewhere.
Either way, your guests will be able to view instantly in full HD quality on any mobile device or computer.

Upgrade your invitation and have a personalized matching webpage created by Motion Stamp. Allowing you to include information to help organize guests for your big day.

Include map links to your venue, your chosen online RSVP, cash or gift registry, wedding social media pages, we can even include links to your group hotel bookings. 

Simply send your personal URL to your guests for them to launch your mobile optimized webpage. Visit our example invitation webpage below to see how you can create a seamless experience for your friends & family.

Replace the text with your words.


White and Gold Wedding Invitations

Our White Flowers & Gold design brings sophistication and eco-friendliness to your wedding invitations. Fully customizable text, traditional graphics, and a unique video invitation template gives couples the perfect way to invite their guests with style. Bring something different for your celebration by choosing from this range of stunning animated templates - each designed to impress in its own special way.

From traditional charm to modern elegance, this evite creates a timeless look for your wedding event. Gorgeous white florals and shimmering gold trimmings give way to elegant calligraphy font - the perfect combination of classic beauty with an animated twist.

How to order a White and Gold Wedding Invitation Video

Crafting your own digital Animated Wedding Invitation card is a cinch. Simply select the invitation theme of your choice, fill out our intuitive order form with all the relevant information and add in an optional personal photo. We'll take care of creating a unique animated wedding evite that captures this special moment for you and yours. Utilizing labelled text boxes to guide you through each individual frame in the video makes it easy to enter any preferred phrase or words into their respective sections - no matter what kind of design scheme you have planned.

The text written in the animated wedding invitation template is all able to be altered to anything you need.  If the order fields don’t contain an option for your unique details, then there is also a ‘special direction’ box at the base of the order page. This means you are able to convey any special requests or specific changes to animated invitation phrasing and its format. Therefore, your guests will never miss out on all the details they need to know for your special day.

The White and Gold Wedding Invitations order form provides the perfect opportunity to make your invitation truly intimate - by customizing it with a special photo! Make sure every guest feels extra-special when they receive their invite.

If you have any trouble with this or are unsure if your information is clear for your animated invitation card, please feel free to contact us. We also have a helpful FAQ guide that gives further details about the animated invitation creation process. 

Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations that also save money

We don't want to settle for anything less than perfection on your special day. After ordering and personalizing your white and gold Wedding Invitation, our animator sets out crafting your invitation. In no time at all you'll be sent an URL leading directly to the delivery webpage so you can review your invitation before delivering it to your guests. We offer unlimited revisions in order to ensure everything is worded perfectly before giving it the final seal of approval.

Give your environmental conscience a break! Send out an eco-friendly digital wedding invitation to all of your guests, personalized with shimmering gold and white. Your unique link can be easily passed along through email, text message, messenger app - whatever format you prefer! And best of all: no more worries about cards going astray or ending up in the landfill.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette & crafting your words

Motion Stamp offers couples a unique way to celebrate their special day with the perfect wedding invitation. Our elegant designs blend traditional visuals and modern elements, creating an animated invitation layout full of personality. To help craft your own distinct words for this timeless event, our Wedding Invitation Etiquette page provides thoughtful tips along with expert advice from those who have already crafted beautiful invitations time after time. If you need further help with defining your words, feel free to reach out for advice.

Who created these Gold and White Wedding Invitations

Jo, a seasoned Motion Designer with extensive experience in Animation and Digital media, recently launched the innovative Motion Stamp for couples seeking an eco friendly wedding invitation. Jo drew upon her passion for digital art and visual storytelling to offer customers high-quality Evites at competitive costs. Discover more about this remarkable venture and read more about us here.

Our white and gold wedding invitation range are crafted with carefully orchestrated music that promises the highest sound quality for every device. These composers are from all across the world. We use commercial licenses, so you can have peace of mind knowing your Digital Wedding Invitation Video will be backed by a track from experienced professionals.

How to customize your White and Gold Wedding Invitation

To make your special day even more memorable, customize and personalize the white and gold wedding invitation design further with a variety of fonts, music tracks from our catalogue, colours to reflect your event's ambiance as well as an added bonus - order invitations in multiple languages to include everyone in your wedding party. Start customizing by selecting drop down options on the bottom part of the order form.

Vimeo is the premier hosting site for your Animated Invitation, guaranteeing superior quality playback. This means you don't have to deal with emails failing or video resolutions being reduced when sent over WhatsApp - presenting a high-quality digital version of your wedding invitation every time.

Let us help make your Wedding Day extra special with our unique Animated Invitation. Our dedicated team is ready to take care of all the details and ensure you have a one-of-a-kind invitation that will leave family and friends excited for this momentous occasion. Don't hesitate - order now.

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Esther Ndlovu
Wonderful Service

I’m a Virtual Assistant, and was tasked to finalise this wedding invitation on behalf of my client.
From start-to-finish the process was easy and efficient. I’d like to thank Jo for her patience and excellent service.

The couple loved the final invitation and I’d highly recommend Motion Stamp service's.