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Our firefly couple leave the sanctuary of their home to adventure across the glowing enchanted forest together. This one minute animated Wedding Invitation Template will provide a unique, easy and atmospheric way to invite your guests to your special day. Fully customizable text, combined with illustration and a photo realist style. With optional photo to include into the video card. Whimsical and magical, this invitation is for those who wish to add a filmic fantasy flair to their guests invitation experience.

With the option to have your own personalized webpage created, you won't have to deal with cumbersome large file transfers or email limits. Simply send the link to your guests in any communication format of your choosing and they will view instantly in full HD quality on any mobile device or computer.

We offer a premium Customization Package which includes:
• new color scheme & fonts • music from • altering graphics • editing the sequence • allow 1-2 weeks

If you would like something a little different, visit our 
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Rustic Wedding Invitation

Looking for Rustic Wedding Invitation Ideas?

If you are looking for a unique Wedding Invitation ideas, our animated fireflies Wedding Evite is a stunning and magical option which can be customized for your guests. The animated invitation is in the form of a digital template. Which allows fully personalized text, and as a result allows the bride and groom to creating an elegant wedding invitation, while also saving time and money. Motion Stamps Animated ecards are full of wonderful wedding invitation ideas.

This animated evite theme is part of our rustic Wedding Invitation collection. Fully customizable text with atmospheric graphic and music, make up this easy to order card template. This animated invitation is just one of the many beautiful ecards in our range. You’ll find something for everyone, and all of our modern wedding invitations cater to a different design and mood. So there is a digital invitation to help set the tone for your personal celebration.

Atmospheric lighting, twilight colors and elegant handwritten fonts make up a fantasy style design. Set out as an enchanted forest invitations design, our two fireflies lead your guest around your event details. Exploring their world together, which eventually takes them to the stars. Creating a memorable and unique wedding invitation experience for your audience. 

How to Make Animated Wedding Invitation Cards online

It is a fast and convenient process in how to create a digital Wedding Invitation card. Once you have viewed our evite range and settled on your chosen theme, use the order form to navigate the process. You will find small thumbnail images embedded in the form, so you know exactly which frame you are entering your Animated Invitation details into.

You will also find at the bottom of the order form a ‘special direction’ box. This will allow you to enter any unique Wedding invitation ideas for your guests. For example, you may need to explain transport details, zoom information, or gift requests. This means your animated invitation will contain all the information required to make your special day run to plan.

There is also the option to upload your own photo into your Evite. Adding the extra element to make this a truly personalised and elegant Wedding invitation. Should you require even more details we have an extensive Our FAQ page that may also be able to help you. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us.

Eco friendly Wedding Invitations that make everyone’s lives easy

As soon as you have completed your order form you will receive confirmation, we will contact you if we have any questions about your Animated Invitation, and within 2-5 business days you will have a preview link emailed for review. From here, we can make any updates required to ensure your Wedding evite is looking just perfect for your guests.

Being an animated Invitation video, this means there are no more lost cards and people not knowing when to RSVP. As well as no expensive materials ending up in landfill. We pride ourselves on having eco friendly wedding invitations, that not only look good, but are affordable as well.

You will have a modern wedding invitation URL that can be forwarded to your guests via text, email, messenger, whatsapp or any format of your choosing. Making it fast and easy for everyone!

Wedding Invitation Etiquette and choosing your wording

Although these ecards are very modern wedding invitation ideas, We are influenced by traditional Wedding Invitation deigns, and formats, to create our online Evites. We go though a long design and animation workflow, crafting a unique look for each Animated Invitation, and a Video Card that impresses every guest.

Due to this traditional influence we have also based our ecards on Wedding Invitation Etiquette and wording, to assist in their structure and layout. Visit our tips page if you need inspiration for your animated invitation phrasing.  Otherwise feel free to ask us for suggestions. We have created many modern wedding invitations in our animated invitation format, so have come across lots of unique event plans that all require different wording, that can lean on traditional etiquette and terms.

Who has created these modern wedding invitations.

The invitation range was founded by Jo D. a professional Motion Designer with many years’ experience in Film, television and Digital media. Jo has had the privilege on many large scale, and more boutique projects. Meaning you have professional support behind you all the way while creating your enchanted forest invitations. Jo has a love for art and story. Therefore her focus on motion design is a perfect fit, and Jo has spent much time creating a stunning and animated invitations range that is also efficient and affordable. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Music automatically comes with your Animated Wedding Invitation. This professionally composed track is used with a commercial license firmly in place. Taking the worry about sending your invitations online. In fact, all our music is composed by professional musicians from all over the globe.

Personalizing Enchanted Forest Invitations

Our Animated Invitation Videos are hosted privately online using Vimeo. Vimeo is a premiere professional hosting site, who will stream your Digital Wedding Invitation in the highest quality possible. 

Our firefly design will easily be able to create enchanted forest invitations and rustic wedding invitation themes. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we can ensure you have the most wonderful online invitations to send to your guests!