Teddy Bear | Baby Shower Invitations

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Teddy Bear Baby Shower Invitations

Looking for a Virtual Baby Shower Invitation to delight your guests? Or animated first Birthday invitations to celebrate your little one?  Motion Stamp has a gorgeous range of Baby and children’s themed cards, that will be sure to wow your friends and loved ones. All while saving time and money.

Our teddy bear invitations are part of our Virtual Invite range. The text is fully customizable for your special event and can be easily personalized in this online template.  

In this Animated card, we have bright and colorful design, inspired by lullaby’s and of course our hero teddy bear. Who is determined to adventure into the night sky full of bright stars using a hot air balloon.

Ordering online baby shower invitations

It's easy to order bear baby shower invitations. Simply visit Motion Stamps product page and choose your template design. Here there are small thumbnails that allow you to refer which slide you are entering your invitation wording for.  Each text box has space for extra details if you would like to communicate further instructions. Should you wish to change the formatting of the text, or the location of where the words appear into your baby shower invite, please find a ‘special direction’ box at the bottom of the order form. Here you can list any extra information such as transport details, gift registry, or accommodation options.  These invitation templates are flexible enough to include all sorts of themes. Such as couples baby shower invitations, twin baby shower invitations, Halloween baby shower invitations and baby sprinkle invitations.

Our FAQ page may be of assistance if you have more questions about the Virtual Baby Shower Invitations design process, please reach out to contact us.

Eco friendly Invitations that make everyone’s lives easy

These paperless invitations can be created within 3-5 days.  Once your Baby Shower evite is ready we email you a private video invitation weblink to review. At this point, we are able to make any revisions to the wording and the text layout. We ensure everyone’s virtual baby shower invites are perfect before delivery. Once you are satisfied with the final design, your online invitation link is ready to deliver to your guests. By using a video link, we avoid the problems that come with large email attachments, or poor compression that is applied to video from messaging services. Your animated baby shower can easily be delivered to your guests in one of many ways such as email, Messenger, WhatsApp, phone SMS and more. 

Your virtual baby shower invite won’t get lost, or end up in the rubbish can. A web link is all your guest needs to keep on top of your special event details. 

Including an online RSVP tracker

Motion Stamp allows you to include your own online RSVP form. Giving you the flexibility to custom design your own form and have it linked directly from your Virtual Invitation web page. Creating a seamless experience for your guests. To learn more about this visit our ‘How to’ guide, on how to create an online RSVP form for your guests.

Who created these virtual baby shower invitations?

Motion Stamp was established by Jo in 2019. Jo has a long history in the Animation and Visual Effects industry,  and has been involved in a number of wonderful projects and teams during this time, included two Oscar winning films, working on games titles as well as international TV and Documentary series. Jo professional approach means you have everything you need to deliver a beautiful paperless invitation to your guests. Revisions and updates are a part of the package, so you are able to have the animated baby shower invitation that you want. Visit the FAQ page to lean more.

All of the virtual invitations in the Motion Stamp range have professionally composed music, with commercial rights included. This means you can deliver your Teddy Bear Baby Shower Invitation to all of your guests online, without any concerns of copyright or legal issues.

Personalizing your Teddy Bear Baby Shower Invitation

Your virtual baby shower invite will be hosted with Vimeo online. Their service is well regarded, flexible and allows us to deliver online the highest quality evite link possible to your guests.  It also allows the option to download your paperless invitations as a keep sake. Another advantage is your digital baby shower invitation can be inserted into your own personal website. There is lots to take adavante with Vimeo as your virtual invitations host.

Motion Stamps baby showers are joyful and fun. Designed to WOW your guests and build anticipation for your welcoming your little one.

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