A Uniquely Exquisite Invitation
for your Special Occasion


Wow your guests with a stunning personalized animation, that sets the tone of your celebration.

Our digital invitations are like short films, with music and animation that will delight and excite your friends and family. 

High-quality, customizable video invitations. We offer nothing but quality, paperless invitations that are a little out of the ordinary.
Seamless online delivery. Each invitation has the option to be downloaded, or hosted in your own custom webpage, easily allowing you to send a personalized link to your guests. 

Your paperless invitation delivered in a Weblink

What you'll Love

• Choose your own text
• Created within 3 to 5 days
• Guests can enjoy on any device
• Optional webpage with links to your RSVP & maps
• Can embed in your own event website
• Unlimited revisions
• Created by an award winning motion designer

Why Motion Stamp

Engaged woman with engagement ring stands with two friends

Excite Your Guests

Created by an award-winning animator, with HD resolution and professionally composed music, Motion Stamp designs are as classic as a traditional paper invites - only ours won’t get lost or put into landfill. Easy to view on mobiles, tablets and computers. Your guests simply click on the link and enjoy the experience.

Bride holding her wedding bouqet containing pink and white flowers

Save Time & Money

A fraction of the price of traditional paper invitations, you get to put that money towards other expenses. Your guests will receive their invitations within a few days of you picking your theme – that’s quicker than sending a card in the mail.

Bride and groom hold up their hands in the shape of a love heart

No Hassle!

Just fill in your details at checkout. We'll get to work, and soon a private video link for your guests will be delivered to your inbox. No cumbersome file transfers, pop ups, ads or logins for your guests to deal with. We can even include links to your RSVP form or Event Website

SEAMLESS Convenience

An online RSVP for your Paperless Invitation

There are many online RSVP options available. We can include a button in your Invitation webpage, that links directly to any RSVP form you have made. Creating a seamless flow for your guests. Google Forms is one of many ways to create an elegant and efficient solution to receiving and collating RSVPs, all while being completely free. So even the most simple or complex of events can be well organised.

I wanted something personal and individualised and I was immediately assured of what is possible and how amazing the end result will be. I was sent a preview link to make sure everything is perfect before publishing it and the whole process was extremely fast and professional! I would recommend Motion Stamp to anyone looking for amazing animators to design their wedding invitations and Save the Dates! Motion Stamp certainly WOWed me and my guests. Thank you!
— Wilma

I fully recommend Motion Stamp because of its beautiful designs and excellent service and work. Great communication and ideas to improve invitations in order to satisfy clients.
— Alexandria

I’m so glad that my cousin showed me Jo’s work as it is nothing less than a masterpiece! My fiancé and I fell in love with the rustic fireflies theme! We got our save the dates and are 100% going to get our wedding invitations from here. They are cost effective and such a beautiful and personal touch.
— Michaela

It was very pleasant working with Jo from Motion Stamp, taking care of our needs at all times despite the time zone. We loved the final result, exceeding our expectations. Someday I'll ask for an invitation from Jo again.
— Diego