Halloween Invitation | Witches & Wizards

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Magical animated invitation
Created within 2 - 4 days
Choose your own text
Personalized webpage option
Unlimited revisions

Enter a world of Witchcraft and Wizardry, inspired by the themes of Harry Potter & other magical tales, this Animated Party Invitation will set an exciting and mysterious mood.

To order, simply enter your event details and in 2-4 days a Video Link will appear in your inbox. Easy to view and deliver to your party guests. As part of the invitation purchase, you will have a chance to review the video and have a round of making any adjustments to the wording and text layout.

Option to download, or have your very own webpage created to host the invite. The link can be easily delivered to your guests via email, text or any messaging service of your choice.

Replace the text with your words.


Looking for Unique Invitation Ideas?

If you are searching for unique Birthday Invitation ideas, we have a range of exciting animated invitations.  Our Wizarding invitations theme is part of our Animated Birthday collection. Motion Stamps evites are a clever and fun way to invite your friends and family to your special event or party. You also get to save time and money, as well as treating your guests to something exciting!

Enter a world of Witchcraft and Wizardry, inspired by the themes of Harry Potter, and other magical tales, this Animated Birthday Invitation will set an exciting and mysterious mood. It’s versatile text means you can use this for any Birthday or other event, such as Harry Potter themed party, or even a Halloween Party Invitation. 

This Harry Potter inspired Invitation if full of spooky and magical graphics, in a convenient online delivery card. Its fonts , magical creatures, and film like design, lead your guests around your event details. Creating something like a titles sequence for your special party!

How to make Animated Birthday Invitation Cards

Our FAQ guide can assist in giving further details in how to create a digital Birthday Invitation. Once you have chosen your unique birthday invitation design, head to the order form and fill in your details, On some designs we have an option for a photo to be included. We then starting crafting your Harry Potter inspired Birthday Invitation, or Birthday Evite, as it is becoming widely known as.

When you view the order form, you will see helpful images from the animated invitation video. These thumbnails will assist by giving you a reference as to what event information you are filling into each frame. Should you prefer to switch words around, this is no problem. Just fill in your preferred phrases and we will make the adjustment for you. All of the text in the birthday invitation template is all adjustable.  If fields do not allow you the chance to include all of your information, there is a ‘special direction’ box at the very base of the order form. Here you can include any specific direction and request. So you can place the exact wording where you would like to in your invitation. Please contact us if you are unsure of anything.  

Eco Friendly Birthday Invitations that make life easy

Should we have any questions before starting your Harry Potter inspired birthday invitation, we’ll ready out to you via email, Thus ensuring your eco friendly invitation is created just how you would like it! You and your guests will easily view all of your birthday invitation ideas and event details clearly. Ensuring your special celebration runs just to plan.

A soon as your Animated Birthday Invitation has been uploaded, you’ll receive your private online Invitation link. This will be in the form of a Party URL. All your guest has to do is click on the link and it will take them directly to your animated invitation. Should your Birthday evite require any revisions before delivering to your guests, this is no problem. Our service ensures your digital invitation is looking just right. Upon your animated invitation card being complete, you are able to send it to your invitees whenever your are ready.  The animated invitations can be sent in email, or direct message in Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS or any method of your choosing. If you would like any further ideas in how to host an epic Harry Potter Inspired Party, please visit our blog.

Who created this Animated Birthday Invitation

Our Harry Potter inspired birthday invitation was created by Motion Stamp founder Jo D. a professional motion designer with a long background in animation and design. Jo D has 20 years experience in animation, digital graphics and visual effects. Jo has also had the chance to be involved in some exciting projects over the years. Two films, Jo was a team member for, have gone on to win Academy Awards, among other accolades. Jo has a great love for story and art, and has invested much time in this Animated Invitation template range, allowing hosts to access bespoke invitation ideas, at reasonable price. Please visit our About Us page to learn more. 

Personalizing your Birthday Invitation

A number of our Digital Birthday Invitation templates allows the option of including your own photo. We love to ensure you have a personal digital evite, and you are also able to include further personal information in the final animated invitation frame. Ensuring all of your invitees have a Harry Potter inspired Birthday Invitation that contains all the details they need. Meaning your special event runs according to plan.

Motion Stamps animated invitations are crafted around professionally composed music tracks. Our composers are from all around the world, and we have commercial licenses with them to ensure your Harry Potter inspired birthday invitation can be sent off into the universe without a problem.

After your Birthday Evite has been made, we send you a private web link to review your animated invitation. Should we need to make any revisions, this will be done relatively quickly. Once completed, you’re able to send it to any of you party guests in may different way. Such as Messenger, WhatsApp, phone text and more. No paper means an eco friendly party invitation.

Vimeo is a professional video hosting site, and houses all of our Harry Potter inspired birthday invitation videos. Vimeo ensures your Animated Invitation Video will be streamed to your guests in the highest resolution possible for their internet connection. It also allows you to download your personal evite to your computer or device, as a keepsake.

This animated Harry Potter inspired Birthday Invitation is truly a unique Evite. Created to impress your guests and save you time. Order today, and you'll receive wonderful service and a fabulous Animated Invitation.