Unicorn Ballerina | Animated Birthday Invitation

• Uniquely Beautiful Motion Invitation
• Fully Customizable Text
• Created Within 3-5 Days
• Personalized Webpage &
Rsvp Option
• Unlimited Revisions

$322.000,00 COP

Order your Online Motion Invitation in minutes
Magical Unicorns dance and celebrate in this gorgeous animated invitation template. With joyful colors, optional photo and gorgeous music, your little guests will want to view their invitations over and over.

You have the flexibility to either
• Download the video for WhatsApp, or other video friendly message services.
• Have Motion Stamp create a personalized webpage to host your invitation,
• Or embed your invitation in your own wedding website builder elsewhere.
Either way, your guests will be able to view instantly in full HD quality on any mobile device or computer.

Upgrade your invitation and have a personalized matching webpage created by Motion Stamp. Allowing you to include information to help organize guests for your big day.

Include map links to your venue, your chosen online RSVP, cash or gift registry, wedding social media pages, we can even include links to your group hotel bookings. 

Simply send your personal URL to your guests for them to launch your mobile optimized webpage. Visit our example invitation webpage below to see how you can create a seamless experience for your friends & family.

Replace the text with your words.


Start your party off on the right note with our enchanting Unicorn party invitations! Designed to impress and excite guests of all ages, these virtual invitation videos are the perfect way to get everyone excited about your little one's big event. 

With beautiful animation and music, our Unicorn invitations will have your little guests transfixed from the very first watch. 

How to order the Unicorn Birthday Invitation

Simply enter your event details and in 3-5 days a Video Link will appear in your inbox. As part of the invitation purchase, you will have a chance to review the video and we can make any adjustments to the wording and text layout. 

How to send guests your unicorn birthday evite 

You have the option to download the video as a file and send it in a service such as WhatsApp, or we can create your own matching webpage. Simply send your guests the webpage link via a text, email, or any messaging service of your choice, and they'll be able to enjoy your invitation on any device or computer.. No more lost invitations or having to search for mailing addresses. 

Order your Unicorn party invitation today and make your child's birthday one they'll never forget!

 Host your entire event online with your own webpage

Looking for a stylish, easier, and more accessible way to manage your special event outside of Facebook or online calendars? 

Host your entire event through your own dedicated web page, including RSVP, map links to your venue location and gift registry options.  

Already have your own event page?

No problem, you can easily embed your Motion Stamp animated invitation into your event web page. We provide you with your own Vimeo URL, so all you do is paste the link into your webpage builder. Vimeo will do the heavy lifting and host in high definition quality.



Why choose Motion Stamp for my unicorn birthday invitation?

Motion Stamp animated invitations are unique, of exquisite quality, and easy to order and send. Our videos have an optional web page add on for those looking for a more complete event management solution.

Do I need special software to open or play my Unicorn invitation?

No special software is needed. The invitation link can be opened and played on any device with an internet connection, including computers, smartphones, and tablets..

Are Motion Stamp birthday evites high enough quality to send via email?

Motion Stamp evites are HD quality and hosted on Vimeo, so you can be sure your guests will have a great experience. If you wish to send via email, we recommend hosting your invitation on one of our matching web pages. We take care of all of this for you, and this means you don't have to deal with email attachment limits and slow downloads for your guests. Instead, simply copy and paste the URL of your invitation webpage into your email and it's ready.

Do Unicorn Birthday Invitations come with an RSVP?

If you choose to purchase the additional event webpages, we can include a link to your online RSVP. We don't create these for you, however we have a number of excellent 3rd party suggestions we regularly link to. Alternatively, we offer a complimentary matching online RSVP from Google forms for you to edit. We include an RSVP hot link to. Which is completely free. 

Do I need to download anything to send out the birthday evite?

Nope! All you need is internet access to view the invitation. However, if you prefer, you can download the video file to store on your computer or share via WhatsApp instead of creating a webpage for your invitation.

How long does it take to receive my Unicorn Birthday Invitation?

Your invitation will be delivered within 3-5 days after purchase. If you need it sooner, please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate your request. You will have the opportunity to review and request any changes before your final video is delivered.

How long does it take to get my Unicorn birthday invitation?

As these are personalized, it will take us 2-4days to create your Draft Video. 

Do I need an account with Vimeo to download my video?

No, you don't need an account with Vimeo. We create a special link for you that goes directly to your invitation video and you download from there on your phone, tablet or computer. 

Is there a limit to how many people I can invite?

No! You can invite as many people as you like.