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Elegant Illustrated Flower Botanicals are the backdrop to our floating Dandelions. This one minute animated Wedding Invitation will provide a unique, easy and stylish way to invite your guests to your special day.

Fully customizable text, presented in a sophisticated font. With optional photo to include into the video card. Inspired by 18th century botany drawings, this minimalist style invitation draws on a feeling of being timeless yet warm.

With the option to place your invitation in your own matching webpage, you won't have to deal with cumbersome large file transfers or email limits. Simply send the link to your guests in any communication format of your choosing and they will view instantly in full HD quality on any mobile device or computer.ext block

We offer a premium Customization Package which includes:
• new color scheme & fonts • music from • altering graphics • editing the sequence • allow 1-2 weeks

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Custom Order page to view options, or simply contact us and we can arrange an affordable quote.

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Emerald Green Wedding Invitation 

Elegant Emerald Green and Gold Wedding Invitations

With Motion Stamp's Dark Green Wedding Invitations, you can make your upcoming wedding an unforgettable experience for all of your family and friends. Create a timeless look with our Dancing Dandelions collection then customize it to reflect your personal style, and share online for this special day. We offer high quality music accompanying eco-friendly designs that will have guests captivated until they arrive at ceremony. Plus, enjoy premium quality design and support from us – nothing but the best for such a special event

This delightful design draws upon vintage styling, with its intricate details reminiscent of 18th century botanical drawings. A custom gold monogram and textured emerald green background card create a graceful visual impact, while handwritten fonts in gold lend an intriguing touch to the two dainty dandelions that dance around this enchanting invitation sequence - sure to delight your guests.

How to order your Emerald Green Wedding Invitation online

Craft your ideal Digital Wedding Invitation without any hassle. Our website offers an incredibly simple interface for you to pick from our template collections and create a stunning invite tailored specifically for you. Make your invitation even more personal by adding features like special. Then in only 3-5 business days, your invitation will be ready to view. Which is much faster than traditional card companies can offer.

Don't let the stress of creating your elegant green Wedding Invitation worry you. With our easy-to-use website, customizing an unforgettable evite is just a few clicks away. Explore our exclusive dandelions template collection and give it that extra special touch with unique features such as adding a photo or music to make it truly yours. And best part - with only 3 to 5 business days before they are ready to review, preparing wedding invitations has never been easier or faster than now.

Unsure about something or need a hand? Our FAQ page provides all the info you could possibly need. Still have questions? Don't worry – just contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.  

Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations that are also affordable

Our wedding invitations seamlessly marry modern convenience with timeless elegance. Our green and gold designs offer a stunning touch to your celebration, enabling you to share its beauty quickly yet effortlessly in a number of different delivery methods. When ready, you invite will be delivered to your inbox. Ready to review and revise to ensure it is perfect before you send to your guests.

We create your event invitations with the freedom to deliver them in whatever format you prefer. From sending emails, to utilizing messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp – you can share the news quickly and easily.

Make wedding planning a breeze with our exclusive webpage hosting service. We can also create a customized website that hosts your video invitation. It will provide all the necessary information, such as RSVPs and hotel bookings – giving you peace of mind knowing your big day is taken care of digitally. Just fill out an order form to get started, while we do the rest- leaving you time to plan other parts of your celebration. 

How to word our Green and Gold Wedding Invitations 

Motion Stamp's stunning classic designs allow couples to add a modern twist to their wedding invitations. With our comprehensive Wedding Invitation Etiquette & Wording page as your guide, you can express any style in an elegant way. By combining traditional etiquette with contemporary design elements, Motion Stamp makes it easy and fun to craft unique invitations that will set the tone for your big day. 

Who created these Emerald Green Wedding Invitation designs? 

Motion Designer Jo, has used her artistic eye and passion for storytelling to create unique Animated Wedding Invitation card collection. For couples looking to express their style without breaking the bank, these creative cards provide an unbeatable way of celebrating life’s special moments. To learn more about how Motion Stamp offers a personalized invitation process, head on over to our About Us page.

Our exquisite emerald green and gold wedding invitations feature stunning musical accompaniments from around the globe, providing your guests with a memorable invitation experience. Our licensed music ensures hassle-free playback no matter where or how it's shared - creating an unforgettable atmosphere for this momentous occasion!

Customize your green and gold colors with our flexible order form 

Bring your invitation to life with our custom options. Select the perfect soundtrack to show your guests your personal style, and set the tone for an unforgettable celebration. Choose different fonts, colours that fit perfectly into your wedding theme. You have the option to turn dark green to light, emerald to another color, or gold to silver. Plus you are able to order bilingual or a second version in another language so all of those invited can feel included. You can do this by selecting options from our choices at the base of the order form. 

Where are the videos hosted?

Vimeo is the ideal way to spread love with your emerald green wedding invitation. Not only can you customize resolution settings, allowing guests to enjoy it in its highest quality no matter where they're viewing from, but embed this unique Vimeo link into a secure webpage so that only those invited are able to access it - creating unforgettable digital memories.

Make your wedding unforgettable with a custom-animated invitation from our talented motion designers. Our first-rate customer service will ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience creating the perfect card to wow your guests and generate excitement for the big day. Let us help you make memories that last forever.

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